Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Isn't Stopping Her From Trying to Stay Thin

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Kim KardashianWell, it looks like the wait is finally over. Kim Kardashian's baby bump is finally starting to show, as you can clearly see in this photo of her leaving the gym in L.A.

Up until now, Kim really hasn't looked pregnant, which is probably why she's been spotted wearing outfits that aren't even remotely maternity-like, in particular the feather covered get-up she wore recently while out and about in Paris with Kanye West. (I still don't understand that one.)

But in this gym photo, Kim definitely appears a bit fuller around her mid-section, even though the rest of her bod appears to be in tip-top shape.

(Not that I'm surprised.)

I mean, she's a Kardashian for crying out loud, so all eyes are going to be on her growing bod as things progress. It's really no big shock that she's hitting the gym and keeping up with her fitness routine even though she has a bun in the oven.

And all I can say is, good for her and more power to her -- because she's doing a heck of a lot better than I did while I was expecting my son.

I tried to work out. I really did. Ok, so I only tried a couple times, but I gave it my all on both occasions. Other than going for a walk or two here and there, I did attempt to do a prenatal yoga DVD -- and I pretty much laughed my way through the entire thing because I couldn't keep my balance to save my life. (In my defense, it's kind of hard to do a tree pose when you're carrying all that extra weight up front.)

But my nonchalant attitude about pregnancy fitness definitely caught up with me, and I can't help but wonder if I would've still gained 50 pounds had I committed to a regular workout routine. Oh well, I lost it all, so I guess hindsight doesn't even really matter at this point. Still, it would have been nice not to have to literally work my butt off for the extra weight to disappear.

Yep, you have to give Kim props for making an effort. She'll never regret those extra sweat sessions for one second if they wind up paying off.

Have you been working out regularly during your pregnancy?


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jhslove jhslove

I kept up with my regular gym routine (just on a lower intensity level) of cardio and weight lifting until I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant. Then I went to just walking because it was getting uncomfortable. I did it because I wanted to stay healthy an energetic and I figured it would be easier to keep up with a post-baby exercise regimen if I stayed in the habit of working out.

I didn't do it to "stay skinny" during my pregnancy, which is good because I still gained 50 pounds. Every time I went to the doctor and she told me to exercise and watch what I ate, it was just like, "Uhhhh, yeah. Already doing that. What else do you suggest?" Finally she and I just figured that I was one of those women who just put on more weight when pregnant. I still had a very easy pregnancy, so I wasn't too worried.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I had a personal trainer all throughout my pregnancy and I loved it! I worked out and stayed in great shape just to help me prepare for the delivery of Emmanuel. I don't regret working out and would suggest it to any mommy to be because I bounced back almost immediately and i'm smaller than before my son was born. 115 lbs!

laris... larissalarie

Yes, I keep up with working out while pregnant. I run and can usually manage to do that until close to the end when it gets painful. I don't really even do it for myself, the real motivation is knowing that it's better for the baby if I keep myself in shape and eat healthily.

coco_... coco_rose

I can not see any baby bump. The top is too baggy to see anything

Lesley Rae King

The first time, I kept up yoga (2-3x per week) and bowling until I was 36 weeks with my twins (who were born at almost 38 weeks, big and healthy.) I ran the first few months, but after a 5K when I was about 17 weeks along, I developed SPD and gave up running. I started swimming 2x a week when I was about 32 weeks. I wish I had done that sooner! I gained 52 pounds with them, and lost it all within 4 months. The second pregnancy, I ran some in the beginning but quit again around 12 weeks when the SPD became too much for me. I participated in a stroller fitness group 2-3x per week the entire pregnancy (I went to class on a Friday before baby was born on her due date on the next Monday.) I gained 52 pounds again, but only lost half of it before my current pregnancy. This time, I am continuing to run DESPITE the pain of SPD. I ran one 5K at 9 weeks and another at 10 weeks. I also swim once a week. At 19 weeks, I have only gained 12 pounds and have actually lost a pants size. My goal is to gain only 25 pounds this time. I love exercising!

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