Alec Baldwin Expecting First Child With His 28-Year-Old Wife

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Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin is reportedly expecting his first child with his wife, Hilaria Thomas. The two were married last year, and I guess it's no shocker that Hilaria, at 28, was able to get pregnant so quickly. Hey, you go, Alec! I'm not one to crap all over such a happy announcement. But I'm gonna be honest here. It's this kind of thing that drives the ladies of New York City, where Alec and Hilaria reside, nuts. Let me tell you why.

Alec is divorced from Kim Basinger, with whom he has a beautiful 17-year-old daughter, Ireland. Alec is 54. Kim is 59 (and looks decades younger). Hilaria is 28. It's the kind of math you tend to find in New York, Hollywood, and other big cities. Yeah, it makes ladies nuts. Why?

By the time a woman gets to 40-something and is still single for whatever reason, or divorced, she'd generally like to find a guy her own age. Or maybe a little older. But it's IMPOSSIBLE. Because once a guy in this town hits 40, his biological clock or his mid-life crisis, maybe both, kicks in ... and he wants a woman in her 20s. Maaaaaybe her early 30s.

That leaves women in their 40s-50s with guys old enough to be their father -- or young enough to be their sons. My single friends talk about this unfair math all of the time. Especially when the scenario goes like this: A woman begins dating a guy in her late 20s or 30s. She dates him for, oh, several years. She can't get him to finally agree to get married. She finally dumps him because she wants a husband and children.

A month later, he's married to a 25-year-old and she's pregnant. Orrr ... he stays single for eternity, but continues to unsuccessfully try and bag a hot young thing. He thinks he's Alec Baldwin. Hey, if it can happen for a rich and famous actor, it can happen for me! Never mind that he isn't a rich actor, he's a poor dude who works the cash register at a juice store. He sees all of the media articles about guys like Alec, and how "desperate" women in NYC are, and thinks he's da bomb.

I'm beginning to think women should have the right to sue feet-dragging men for fertility time lost.

But back to Alec and Hilaria. Did you also notice how no one said boo about the 26-year age difference? Meanwhile, if Demi Moore dates anyone other than an AARP member, she's pitied as a woman who refuses to grow up. Sexism at its finest.

But congrats to Alec and Hilaria! Though, um, they haven't confirmed the news yet.

What do you think about Hilaria's pregnancy?


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abc1235 abc1235

I think you sound like a bitter, hateful bitch. Congratulations to them.

Shrew2u Shrew2u

It would probably help you to be less bitter and angry at their happiness, if you quit defining your self-worth (and the worth of other women, by association) in terms of whether you/they have a man.  Work on being a complete person who is happy with herself.  Once you achieve that, it will not matter what man is with which woman or what their ages are - you will be at peace within yourself.

Congrats to Alec and his lovely bride!

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

you sound really bitter's a shame. you rant on and on about the age difference but then and turn around and ask about how  we feel about this young lady's pregnancy. you need to go and take a writing course and reevaluate your writing style. you also need a self-esteem class because it sounds like you are threatened with her success and you feel like it points out your flaws...smh

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