Busy Philipps' SAG Awards Dress Could Be the Best Celeb Maternity Gown Ever (PHOTO)

Nicole Fabian-Weber Style Savvy

busy philippsThere were many beautiful women walking the red carpet last night at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, but one lady I couldn't keep my eyes off of was the very adorable, very pregnant Cougar Town star, Busy Philipps. The 33-year-old mama looked absolutely perfect in her all-black, long-sleeved gown, which had a small train trailing behind. Yes, I thought. That is exactly how you do super pregnant on the red carpet.

I think all pregnant women are beautiful. Even if their feet are swollen, and their skin is bad, and they generally give off a "I could not be more done with this" vibe, I always think that when a woman is with-child, she looks lovely and glowy and gorgeous. And I also think black is her best friend.

I'm biased, as I love black pregnant or not, but you really cannot go wrong in all black when you're carrying a little human inside of you -- it just looks so chic and put together. Pop quiz! What looks more polished to you: Black leggings and a black shirt, or gray leggings and a white shirt? No brainer. 

So, when Busy emerged through a sea of bright-colored dresses last night in that tight, black Gabriella Candela dress, I was loving what I saw. Not because I think pregnant women shrink into the background until they're 30 pounds lighter, but because she just looked so sophisticated. (Let's face it, sophisticated isn't easy to do when pregnant.) And I loved the red lips and bright necklace accessories-combo.

I'm telling you, ladies, when you truly feel like you have nothing to wear when you're massively pregnant, opt for black. All black. Works like a charm every time.

What is/was your pregnancy uniform?


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