'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Miscarriage Offers Important Lesson for Pregnant Women

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Jenelle Evans JaceJenelle Evans' pregnancy is over. The Teen Mom hinted earlier this week that husband Courtland Rogers had taken off while she was suffering a possible miscarriage, and now it's happened.

An unnamed friend confirmed to Radar that Jenelle lost the baby this morning while former fiance Gary Head -- who popped back up in Jenelle's life just this past week -- has been tweeting from her hospital bedside. It's the worst news to come out of what's been a record bad week for the Teen Mom 2 star. Her marriage is ending, and now she has to deal with the aftermath of losing a baby while the public watches.

Sadly, a very public miscarriage is one of the risks that comes with publicizing a pregnancy, especially when you do it as early as Jenelle and Courtland.

When the reality star's ex spoke to the tabloids a week ago, she was just six weeks along. That's just halfway through the first trimester, more than a month away from the 12-week mark when experts say the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. At least 10 to 25 percent of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage, and of them, statistics say about 75 percent happen during that first trimester.

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When you decide to let people know you're pregnant before you get to that point, you're playing with some pretty serious odds. If things go wrong, you now have a lot of people asking a lot of questions when the only thing you really want to do is hide away and grieve your loss.

Of course making that announcement can be exciting. It can be fun to share all that good news. Jenelle certainly did. She had already had a sonogram, and she thought she had a belly bump starting; she even thought she could sense the baby's gender -- all of which she shared.

For celebrities, of course, it can be lucrative (just like that first baby picture, if they get the news out first, they can demand a higher price ... and rumor has it Jenelle and Courtland got paid). But celebrity or not, miscarriage can happen. And poor Jenelle is going to have to go through one of the toughest things any woman can go through with the whole world asking questions.

Hopefully people will be kind and remember that no matter what you think of her, no woman should have to go through this.

How long did you wait to announce your pregnancy? Was it a fear of miscarriage that made you wait?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

Besids my parents, who I told when I found out at 13 weeks, I didn't start to tell people till I was almost 20 weeks along

missusmc missusmc

Live tweeting a miscarriage is definitely a new low...

kelti... kelticmom

While I rather doubt she was pregnant in the first place (seemed so convenient that she was married and pregnant, then the minute she starts tweeting about being cheated on and getting a divorce and filing assault charges, she is "miscarrying".), if she did suffer a miscarriage, while I somewhat feel for her, I am thankful that God and Mother Nature saw that there was no way another innocent child needed to be brought into the train wreck that is her life. Her son already is being raised by his grandmother, I can only imagine how long it would have been before she ditched this child. Sometimes Mother Nature knows best.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Can we please stop pretending she was really pregnant?

Dana Gibson

Well I am with Jenelle it's increadbily hard...I suffered a miscarriage of twins at 8 weeks but I thought I was 13 weeks so it was really really hard.  When we got prego with my son we waited till tell everyone like friends till 13 weeks......but family knew pretty fast!  Maybe it was gods way of tell jenelle it's wasn't meant to be....that's what I thought with the twins.....but they are looking over their baby brother....any miscarriage is extremely difficult....i wish jenelle the best.

shell... shellyplatz

I think it was all publicity. I have had a miscarriage so I am not being cold hearted, I just don't believe her.

nonmember avatar Yvette

Reading about her used to a good distraction that left me feeling better about myself but now all this just feels like the next morning after a drunken one night stand kinda feeling. Just disgusting.

nonmember avatar lavlaw

I initially doubted that the pregnancy was genuine, but law enforcement would have to confirm that she was pregnant in order to bring charges against Courtland related to the fetus. Therefore, I have two theories.

(1) She wasn’t pregnant and the sonogram was of one of her cysts. Additionally, when she went to press charges, they didn’t do a pregnancy test then but intended to at a later time (I doubt this would’ve been the case). Having a “miscarriage” now would cover the original lie and the lie to law enforcement. However, if she truly is suffering significant blood loss today, it supports my 2nd theory.

(2) She was, in fact, pregnant but chose to have a medical abortion. She could’ve obtained the medication when she was “in the hospital” earlier in the week and then taken it at home. Medical abortions are followed by (sometimes extremely heavy) bleeding and other symptoms similar to those she is experiencing (cramping, nausea, etc). Additionally, you have to go in for follow up appointments after a medical abortion, which could be what she was at the hospital for today.

If she truly is experiencing a miscarriage, that’s sad for her (but probably fortunate for the fetus). It’s the fact that she live-tweeted it and now is posting things like, “@joejoebeall21:@realshyt6 @gary_head @PBandJenelley_1 ps3”once we get out of the hospital” on Twitter that makes the whole thing seem like a total lie.

nonmember avatar kara

I feel so bad, no one should have to experience this loss ...

I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks and didn't tell anyone until 13 weeks after my nst ultrasound when they checked for Downs, triplody ect. They said baby was healthy! That night I uploaded the ultrasound pictures every one was excited for me!

Christine Jl

i just had a M/C last month its the hardest thing anyone can go through its heart breaking. and all everyone keeps saying is dont worry you can try again, one day you will have a baby ect its cruel you cant replace a baby with another and i have PCOS (cysts) its so hard to get pregnant in the first place so its even more heart breaking. my partner choose to have a break after we lost our baby at 11.5 weeks when you loose your child and your partner walks away when you need them the most its devastating i got blamed for the M/C so Jenelle if you read this its not your fault and i know what your going through it was my second M/C its the hardest thing to go through dont listen to people that just say you'll have a baby one day its just cruel to hear, i found crying it out worked for me it took a long time to get on my feet and ill never forget my angles stick in there time heals the heart a bit

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