21 Reasons Khloe Kardashian Should Never Do a Pregnancy Reality Show


khloe kardashianThere's a new rumor that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Lamar Odom's baby and planning to do a pregnancy reality TV show with her sister Kim -- and I just don't know what to think. First of all, Khloe pregnant? I'd be so happy for her if it were true. Supposedly an insider from E! tipped off MediaTakeOut.com yesterday and claims the sisters will make 50 percent more on the preggers show than they do on Keeping Up. But ... I'm going to wait until we hear from the Kardashians themselves before I pull out my celebration tambourine.

Until then, let's talk about this idea of a televised pregnancy. Is that really such a good idea? Because pregnancy is just so ... awkward.

Think about all the funky things you go through during pregnancy. Don't get me wrong -- the miracle of creating new life, that pregnancy glow, I am mama hear me roar -- all of that is pretty dope shit. But this is reality television we're talking about. They're going to want to televise your gas. And they're going to turn up the volume on it. Here's just a sampling of the indignities of pregnancy you might not want to share on TV -- but that E! producers are no doubt dying to document:

  1. Shiny sonogram gel on your belly
  2. 500 pee pee sessions a day
  3. Compulsive snacking
  4. Nausea/vomiting
  5. Stretch marks
  6. Bigger feet
  7. Bloating
  8. That point in your pregnancy where you don't exactly look pregnant, but you've definitely put on a few pounds
  9. Erratic mood swings
  10. Crying
  11. Weird cravings
  12. Shocking third-trimester weigh-ins
  13. Unexplainable symptoms no other pregnant woman has
  14. Heartburn
  15. Shortness of breath every time you walk more that five steps
  16. Excessive sweating
  17. Hot flashes
  18. Labor pain whining
  19. Unflattering hospital gowns
  20. Afterbirth
  21. I already mentioned gas but here it is again: Gas

I could go on, but I think you catch my drift. Think reality television would be "tasteful" and spare their audience all these little gems? Hell no! Gather together, all you unfamous moms who did not have your pregnancy televised. Let us all have a moment of gratitude that we enjoyed most of the indignities of pregnancy in privacy. And Khloe? If it's really true you're pregnant, congratulations! And ... maybe give that pregnant sisters show a second thought.

Would you have ever allowed any part of your pregnancy to be televised?


Image via E! Online

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Ash Ley

I would watch it :) I <3 anything Kardashian! Those are my girls! And I <3 Rob too LOL

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I watch all things Kardashian.

However, since this is her first pregnancy and she's had difficulties getting pregnant, I would keep quite about it and not say a things until she the 2nd trimester. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

I would be leary of having a show with the difficulites of pregnanacy and all she is has seem to have had a hard time with it all aswell

wamom223 wamom223

I wouldn't watch it but I really hope Khloe is finally pregnant.  I'm not a big Kardashian fan but feel like Khloe is in my sisterhood of women that can't get pregnant at the drop of the hat.

marci... marcie1455

It sounds like a funny/cute  reality show, but I would be really leary to do it, because too many things go wrong with pregnancy.  

Mommy... MommyK325

In my house we lovingly refer to #8 as "getting fluffy". I also hope poor Khloe is finally pregnant though. No show needed.

Jen Roberts

I don't like it. The moms on Teen Mom are PAID to go on the show! Then complain on how broke they are....yeah I stopped watching a year ago because it's just nothing but bull crap and drama and doesn't show teens at ALL what it's like. 

Santa Wify

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