Singer Chely Wright Is Expecting Identical Twins With Wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright -- Hooray! (VIDEO)

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Lauren Blitzer-Wright and Chely WrightCongratulations to country singer Chely Wright! She and her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright, are expecting identical twins.

They're due in July, and the openly gay couple, who married in August 2011, couldn't be more thrilled.They announced their happy news during an interview on Gwist TV, and they both look like they're positively glowing.

Wright, 42, is actually carrying the babies, and expects them to be delivered about a month early. "So, we're anticipating that I will be as big as a . . . bus or A-frame house by June," she told host Howard Bragman.

They admit it's a little different than a traditional pregnancy, and they are nervous but excited about the future. Wright said, "When gay couples have babies it's logistically a little different than when straight people have babies as we all know."

They said they tried NOT to have twins, but twins it is, and now they feel doubly blessed.

We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges. We're excited to be parents and we hope we don't mess it up too badly!

It's certainly not your typical country song. After Wright came out, there were certainly some traditional country music fans who weren't supportive, but largely people have cheered her and Lauren on throughout their journey together, and this just gives us one more thing for which to cheer.

Here's the entire interview -- the baby news starts at about 6:00.

 Are you excited to learn that Chely Wright is pregnant?


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miss.... miss.sarah

How do you try not to have twins? 

It just happens. With fertility treatments it happens more frequently BUT identical twins have nothing to do with those treatments. It's random. A fertilized egg splits. It can happen in treatments but not more significantly in numbers. There is a brunt of misinformation about twins out there.

Good for them though. I'm currently 6 months  pregnant with ID twins and its quite a journey so far. 

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