Mom's Reaction to Daughter’s Pregnancy News Is Beyond Touching (VIDEO)

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grandma pregnancy newsAn expecting couple in Nova Scotia wanted to surprise their family over Christmas with the news that a baby was on the way, so they wrapped up toy blocks with the letters B-A-B-Y on them and handed them out to each family member to open. But when soon-to-be grandma unwrapped her block, it was ON. Grandma figured out really fast what was happening and could not contain her excitement in the slightest. It's by far the best grandmother reaction to pregnancy news I've ever seen, and I dare you not to tear up or scream for joy just like Shirley Brown did when she got the best news of her life.

How did your parents react when you told them you were pregnant?


Photo via bigfatjoecy/YouTube

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Owlto... Owltotemmom

I am always so excited for couples like these and grandparents to be...

My husband and I have 2 children and neither of our parents are involved in their grandchildrens lives...

Grandchildren are such a blessing...

I know when my own daughters have children, I will be as excited as this grandmother!

For everyone out there with doting, loving, and involved grandparents...

Be thankful.... I wish this for my children everyday....

Congrats to the parents and grandparents to be, in this video...:)

tcm_mom tcm_mom

I teared up a little with that. When I told my mom she told me she was too busy to deal with this news right now. And then avoided the topic for 6 months.

ashjo85 ashjo85

My mom had a reaction like that. I bought my daughter a shirt that said "This Little Bug Is Going To Be A BIG SISTER" and wrapped it at Christmas. She opened it, then went to show Grandma. My mom FLIPPED out. I recorded it, and I smile every time I see it. :-)

Dagny Fitzwater

I wish my mom was like that when I told her I was pregnant.  She was just as upset at #1 as she was at #3.  

Blues... Blueshark77

Aw, that did make me tear up a little. Only 1 out of the 3 grandparents showed any sign of happiness. I was 2000 miles away from my parents so told them over the phone. My mom kept saying she knew as soon as she retired she'd finally get a grandbaby. She was overjoyed. My dad had to go lay down for a while, but that's how he deals with any unexpected news. My boyfriend's mom just looked at us and asked "What are you going to do?". I'm not sure what she thinking. Anyway, the baby is going to be born very soon and now everyone is excited and happy about it, it just took some time for certain people to come around. 

worms... wormspoop

lol, well my dad just asked who was going to pay for it and my son's father's parents told us we were going to hell cause we weren't married. Even after my sons father died they called me and blamed me and my son for their son rotting in hell. Needless to say I don't talk to them anymore. 

tuffy... tuffymama

My dad's side of the family was excited enough to make up for my mother being a wet blanket bitch. DH's dad was nearly speechless, and DH said he was sure he heard his dad's voice break over the phone. It's cute that both the grandfathers spoil my LO the most.

nonmember avatar jennie smith

my mil said we shouldn't talk about it so soon, and my dad asked what took so long. he and mom confided they were worried there was something wrong with the equipment... aaack!

manda... mandaschelle

Both my mother and i struggled with infertility. When finally got pregnant I gave my mom a Mother's Day card with the ultra sound picture. She had a very similar reaction.

Betha... BethanyakaRED

My mom suggested I get an abortion.... I was only 17. She is and has been a very great nana since I told her that wasnt an option. My boys are now 8 & 11.. She had my oldest brother at 17 so I think she was just worried.

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