9 Funny & Freaky Fears About Labor & Delivery (That Might Just Happen!)

labor and deliveryMost first-time moms-to-be are a bit nervous about what exactly will go down during their labor and delivery. It's really not uncommon for some pregnant women to be a little bit afraid of giving birth.

And after hearing Holly Madison's biggest labor and delivery fear, if there were women out there who weren't freaked out about the process, they probably will be after hearing what she's most concerned about.

Are you ready? (You might want to brace yourself a little.)


Holly is scared that she will push her bladder out of her vagina while giving birth to her baby. (Yes, for real.)

OMG! In all of the possible horror story scenarios that ever went through my brain before I gave birth to my son, pushing so hard that my bladder came shooting out of my vag never crossed my mind.

And of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I just HAD to know if pushing your bladder out during delivery is really possible, so I googled it.

Ahhhh! Would you believe it can really happen? Yep, it's called bladder prolapse, and it sounds just as horrific as you'd expect, so no wonder Holly is paranoid about it. 

Yikes! As of now, I don't plan on having any more kids, but if I ever change my mind, you can go ahead and add pushing out my bladder to the list of things I'll be worrying about prior to giving birth.

And in addition to bladder prolapse, I'm sure I'd also be afraid of all the same things I was petrified of when I delivered my son, all of which are fairly common fears for most pregnant women. Do any of these concern you?

Pooping on the table -- Hands down, dropping a deuce mid-delivery had me more freaked out than anything else. I mean, can giving birth get any more embarrassing than having a bunch of people watch you poop?

Peeing on the table -- Yes, I worried about wetting myself -- until they put my catheter in.

Farting in the doctor's face -- Sadly, this fear came true. I farted and farted and farted during my son's delivery -- to the point that the nurses and doctors must've wondered what I'd eaten the night before.

The epidural wearing off -- I was so numb when I delivered my son that I couldn't even feel pressure to push. But when they asked me if I could feel pressure, I totally lied, because I was afraid they'd cut the drip on my epidural if I told them the truth.

Bursting the blood vessels in my face -- Yes, this happened too. I pushed 'til I was purple (probably because I couldn't feel myself pushing.) I was a vision of loveliness after delivery, to say the least.

Pushing for hours and having a C-section anyway -- This happened to a couple of my friends, and I was petrified it would happen to me to. Thankfully, it didn't.

Tearing -- Yikes! Makes me cringe just thinking about it. Nobody wants to tear. Nobody.

Having an episiotomy -- No, I didn't tear, but I would have if my doctor hadn't resorted to using the scissors. (For the record, I didn't even feel it. It's really not that bad.)

What scares you most about labor and delivery?


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