5 Unique Places to Find Baby Name Inspiration

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baby nameBaby names. The bane of all pregnant women's existence. When you find out you're expecting, one of the first -- and let's face it, most important -- things you think about is what to call your child. Maybe you want to be original. Maybe you don't want to look in the same places everyone else looks. Maybe you know that the absolute most perfect name for your little one is somewhere out there, but you just don't know where!

It's out there. Promise. It just takes a little research.

Here are 5 truly unique places to find baby name inspiration.

Movie Credits. This was a big one for me. When my husband and I started talking about having a family, I began perusing the crew's first and last names during TV shows and at the end of movies -- and I found some great stuff. You'd be surprised how many beautiful names roll past you at the end of a film.

Books. Super popular literature such as Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, and The Hunger Games have inspired countless baby names the past few years. The names Grey and Anastasia shot up 20 and 10 percent respectively last year; and Senna, Cinna, and Decimus (Twilight and Hunger Games) were among some of the most viewed baby names. But go beyond that, people. Everyone is doing that. Think older literature. Think random short stories you've read. Hell, spend a few hours at a library culling through books. A name I've always loved is Phlox from The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Gravestones. This has kind of a strange and spooky undertone, but if you like old-fashioned names, a centuries-old cemetery may be the perfect place to find baby names. One of our writers found some really cute, original names in a graveyard: Augustus, Simeon, Lot, and Chauncey.

Maps. Naming your kid after a locale is a thing in Hollywood. Think Brooklyn Beckham, Penelope Scotland, Camden Lachey (Camden is a city in Maine and in New Jersey). But you don't have to go with one you've already heard. Break out the atlas or, more realistically, just look online. You're bound to find cities, towns, and even streets that could be the perfect, original name for your bundle of joy.

Foreign Newspapers or Magazines. You don't need to hop on a plane to pick up the latest copy of a British newspaper. Just head on over to The Daily Mail, or the Telegraph, or the Evening Standard. What's popular in other countries isn't necessarily popular here. You're guaranteed to find at least a few names you've never heard of.

Where did you find your baby's name?


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nonmember avatar My turn

When I was pregnant, I paid more attention to the credits of a show and the characters' names than I did to the plot.

I also looked through my family tree and read the obituaries. I was a bit obsessed with the perfect name.

chell... chellyelizabeth

HAHA glad to know I wasn't the only one who looked at movie credits! I figure if they made it to the credits they are successful people!

mahyla mahyla

Well my husband and I had to resort to combining the four last letters of our names to make up our babes name. Its unique and original.

bella... bellacazzate

Any child that grows up to be a literature enthusiast is going to be horrified to learn their name came from 50 Shades, Twilight or The Hunger Games.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

I'm a cake decorator and with that I did get one of my children's names from writing it on a customers cake.. but I changed it up a lot. I'm kinda regretting it since all my children have to eccentric uncommon names but I'm constantly asked if its a boy or girl. Her name is kastel.

Tianna Stubblefield

I found my son's name in a baby name book and picked it due to its meaning and alignment with our Irish heritage... then while watching TV found randomly saw three different shows that had a character in the show with the same name... people have said "Declan, oh like on the show Revenge?" Um NO, I guess I just have to tell him the story over and over so he doesn't think he was named after a TV character

nonmember avatar brandy

i too also found my second childs name from a tv character. from one tree hill, her name was supposed to be peyton brooke (for both of the girls on the show) but ultimately the night before i had her i changed it to paighton dale (dale is in my family) :)

Elizabeth Cherry

We named our daughter, Grace, after the song 'Gracie' by Ben Folds. I heard the song and thought it was so sweet and touching that I filed the name away for future use.

When we named our son, we were kind of stuck on what to name him. We talked and talked and talked it over and then we decided to keep the names in a musical kind of theme...song references, or references to artists that we enjoy. My husband is a HUGE Beatles fan, so we named our son Julian, like Julian Lennon...I also read the song 'Hey Jude' was written for Julian Lennon, so both of our kids have special songs we sing to them.

The name Julian also satisfied my mother-in-laws request that we give our son a Spanish name, so it was pretty perfect!

Tiffany Rochelle

I was watching the movie TROY and they were fighting a battle in Thessaly, Greece. I fell in love with the name Thessaly, so that's what I decided to name her. My hubby had NO say in the matter.

nonmember avatar Lynsey

My oldest son I got his name from a movie and TV show Jude from Jude law and Connor from Desperate Housewives what Susan was gonna name her son. My second son I named Cole from the tv show Charmed. Both I think are original and easy to spell. A big issue for me since my name is always misspelled

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