Amazing Look at Pregnancy From the Inside Is Beautiful & Scary (VIDEO)

fetusIt's been almost a decade since I was pregnant, and I can't believe how much ultrasounds have changed. You see so much more detail now! It's incredible. And that goes for other kinds of imaging. Digital imaging lets us see our babies' development in amazing detail.

Alexander Tsiaras is a dad and a scientist who works with digital imaging to study fetal development. He wants you to see this gorgeous video of a fertilized cell developing into a baby. But he also wants us to know that getting such a close-up view has totally changed how he sees pregnancy. And what he's seeing has got him worried. We know that we need to eat healthy when we're pregnant. But could we actually be poisoning our babies by eating the wrong food?


Tsiaras is worried about what he calls metabolic disorders: Those symptoms like high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes that put us at risk for more serious stuff like stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease. He says we can make our babies more likely to get those metabolic disorders through own own lifestyle choices when we're pregnant.

Now I view pregnancy not as a perfectly loving mobile spa, but rather, as a fragile environment, one that must be kept healthy at all costs if a developing fetus is ever to be allowed to experience the delicate imperative of each of its genes.

In other words, if you think your eating habits only affect you during pregnancy, you're wrong. They're affecting your baby, too.

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I just want to say here that part of me kind of hates this kind of news -- those scolding posts that guilt moms over the foods that they eat. That said, what do we do with this information? Here's how Tsiaras puts it:

In visualizing these culprits, our research has led us to point the finger at refined nutrients -- particularly refined sugars and refined starches. These toxins -- coupled with chronic stress, chronic sleeplessness, and inactivity -- are defying all of the medical strides that we've made in the last few decades.

So -- sugar and starch are the bad guys as usual. Soda and fast food French fries. All the medical and technological advances of the past several years aren't keeping up with the damage we're doing with our lifestyles! Yikes.

But doctors have been telling us to eat healthy for ages. This idea of eating healthy for the baby isn't new. It's just becoming easier for us to SEE. Anyway, it's some food for thought while we enjoy his cool video showing the development of a baby from conception to birth.

How much did you think about what you ate while pregnant affecting your developing baby?


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