Kate Middleton Turns to Hypnosis in the Hopes of Ending Her Morning Sickness

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Kate MiddletonAww. Ever since it was revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, aka the worst morning sickness EVER, I've felt so horrible for her.

I mean, not only is she the most famous pregnant woman in the world -- she's had to endure bouts of non-stop hurling combined with having a highly public pregnancy, which I'm guessing kind of sucks.

And even though she's into her second trimester, she is still trying to overcome her condition, even if it means going a very unconventional route.

Supposedly Kate Middleton is turning to hypnotherapy to deal with her morning sickness -- that's how horrifically ill she's been. Yep, she's apparently hoping to be hypnotized into enjoying food again. (The poor dear.)

According to Kate's dorm mate from college, she basically associates food with getting sick, so understandably, she's having quite a tough time eating. The hypnotherapy technique is supposed to get rid of her negativity towards food, and make her crave it instead.

Huh. Does it really work?

(It must if Kate is giving it a shot, right?)

And aside from that -- how does it work?

Well, it supposedly helps your subconscious mind send positive messages to your brain, which in turn helps women learn to control their nausea. In Kate's case, it must help her stop associating food with being nauseated in the first place.

But as is true with any hypnosis, you can't be hypnotized unless you want to do so, which must mean Kate is pretty open to it. And honestly, considering she was so sick at the beginning of her pregnancy that she needed to be hospitalized, I'm guessing she's willing to try just about anything to help her feel better.

I never had morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son (yes, I realize how lucky I am), but I've had my fair share of nausea and vomiting over the course of my life. I'm sure if it were something I were experiencing continuously, I'd do almost anything to get rid of it.

Seriously, can you blame Kate for wanting to give hypnotherapy a whirl?

Have you ever been hypnotized? Did it fix whatever you were trying to fix?


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jessy... jessyroos

My husband is a registered psychologist who uses clinical hypnosis regularly in his practice and it is extremely effective. It is one of the best pain management tools and treatments for depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, etc.

ARK0501 ARK0501

This is a joke, right??? HG is some serious shit. It's awful and I SERIOUSLY doubt hypnosis is her answer.

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't believe it. I belong to the portion of the population that cannot be hypnotized, AND I had HG, so maybe that is influencing my skepticism...

bills... billsfan1104

Can you stop referring to her as Kate Middleton? Her name is not Kate nor her last name Middleton.

nonmember avatar Tammy

It's called Zofran....completely safe and works wonders. Now stfu already about morning sickness.

nonmember avatar IRACEMA

Great that Kate is looking for help to feel better. She is suffering from this HG she has a loving husband and a dedicated mom, who are to doing all they can to help her, but she does need some professional support to get over this, enjoy her life and have a beautiful, healthy little baby. That´s the way to go Kate.

jessy... jessyroos

ARK0501: to be clear, the hypnosis is only to treat a lack of appetite and not the HG itself. Although, hypnosis can be used to control heartrate, blood pressure, temperature and all sorts of physical ailments, so it's no real stretch of the imagination to think it may be able to help control some of the symptoms of HG. Hypnosis is very popular in the UK and up to 30% of surgeries use hypnosis as the anesthetic.

Maggie Kolb

When I had HG Zofran alone was just not enough to combat the sickness. I would have tried hypnosis if my doctor had suggested it. Why not?

nonmember avatar Dee

How cool to see... This is exactly the sort of work I do, specializing in pregnancy... I'm sure the practitioner would have been trained in more than hypnosis alone which is what would have made it so effective... :)

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