2 Guys Hooked Up to 'Contraction Machine' Will Leave You in Pain From Laughing (VIDEO)

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Before I had my son, I can remember thinking to myself, "C'mon, how bad can contractions really be? There's no way they're really that painful, right?"

And of course, about twenty seconds after labor set in, I knew I was wrong. Contractions hurt. They hurt like hell. I seriously felt like someone was twisting my insides and trying to rip them out of my body. But I guess there's really no perfect way of explaining the level of physical discomfort they cause unless you've actually had them, which is why two Dutch TV hosts decided to put that theory to the test.

Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno got hooked up to contraction simulators all in an effort to accurately experience the pain of childbirth.

Check out this video to see their little experiment go down, and try not to double over in pain from laughing your butt off. Note: They video is in Dutch, but it's not hard to figure out what is going on. (And apparently "Jesus Christ" sounds the same in any language.)


OMG! Is that not one of the most hilarious things you've ever seen?

And are these dudes a couple-a nut jobs or what? Would you believe they actually endured two hours of the simulated contractions before throwing in the towel? (Still, that's a lot less time then most moms have to suffer.)

Hmm. It's hard not to wonder if the men in our lives would appreciate us a hell of a lot more if they were forced to get hooked up to one of these things. If nothing else, it would give them a much clearer understanding of just how hard we work to bring their babies into this world.

How do you think your man would do if he were put to this same contraction test?


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Angie... AngieHayes

They should have every man hooked up to these machines while their wives are in labor, so they can see what it kinda feels like. Now if only they could replicate the baby coming out pain, ouch!

miche... micheledo

That is hilarious! Just about the funniest thing I have seen.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

It's been done. Check this one out. He does it for over 3 hours and the video is in english.



Blues... Blueshark77

Oh, that made me laugh. It's also making me really look forward to the labor I'll be going through next month. Yikes! At least I'll have the epidural option if I can't handle the pain. I just asked my guy if he would be willing to try the simulated contractions and he said he didn't know, which means no. :)


Roberta Lynn Norrell

Yeah, if more men were in the same pain as the mother giving birth there would never be a population explosion.

nonmember avatar Priscilla

Oh my! That is too funny! But I think the article isn't titled corrected. They don't look like they are pretending to me. (I think "2 Guys Experiencing Simulated Contractions" would be more accurate.)

subli... sublime_savvy

My poor husband had sympathetic pains and worse morning sickness than I did during my pregnancy LOL.  I wouldn't want to put him through that....he wouldn't have the endorphins and hormones I had during labor. Yeah, labor is painful, but it can be managable when you prepare your mind that you can endure it,  it will be over soon, and you'll have your baby. My labor at home for 41 hours was the best part of my birthing experience, next to seeing my son. Labor is nothing to fear...you accept the pain and you move past it. And it's got to be proven somewhere we women handle pain best :)

Gigi Scally

love how even the camera men are laughing, these guys who would normally laugh at or not have any respect for pregnant women gained a new perspective....

Andre... Andreamom001

Ladies, I'm telling you, for labor pain, warm water!  It does wonders to relieve the pain...all kinds of research that it lowers blood pressure, pain, stress hormones, blood loss, etc., etc.  No need to have baby born into the water if you don't want--a warm shower or warm tub of water should be there for every laboring woman.

And guys, try a couple hours of back labor while you go through those contractions! 

I had 24 hours of labor, back labor, and all natural birth, no interventions--except a warm tub of water, which really did ease the pain. 

nonmember avatar JJ

Indeed, at the end, one of them says that the experience makes him think twice about getting his girlfriend pregnant.

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