11 Questions You Should Never Ask a Pregnant Woman

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pregnantWhy is it that people think the minute you announce your pregnancy, it automatically gives them a free pass to pry into your personal life? Seriously, it's like as soon as you're sporting a baby bump, friends, acquaintances, and even random strangers think it's perfectly acceptable to ask you a gazillion questions that are totally none of their business.

I mean, Kim Kardashian is already being asked what she will name her baby, and she's barely out of her first trimester -- and she has to be pretty annoyed about it. I know I was when I was pregnant with my son. There were times when I swore if one more person asked me what I was planning on calling my little guy, I would not-so-politely look them straight in the eye and say, "That's none of your damn business!"

And being asked about baby names is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are 10 other rude questions people just can't seem to resist asking pregnant women. (For the record, the prying really needs to stop.)

  1. "Do you know what you're having?" (Ok, so I'm guilty of asking this question too. But seriously, it's none of my business.)
  2. "Oh, you're having a boy/girl. Is that what you wanted?" (Really, people?!?)
  3. "C'mon, spill. How/when/where did you and your husband conceive that baby?" (Yes, someone dared to go there with me.)
  4. "How much weight have you gained so far?" (Followed by: "Oh, really? Wow.")
  5. "Are you planning on breastfeeding?" (Be prepared for judgement no matter what your answer is.)
  6. "It's ok, you can tell me. Are you and your husband still having sex even though you're pregnant?" (At least 10 people asked me this when I was expecting.)
  7. "Did you plan on getting pregnant, (lowers voice to a whisper) or was it an accident?"
  8. "Is your husband happy about the baby?" (Um, WTF?)
  9. "How do you plan on losing the baby weight?" (Geez, can I get through the pregnancy first and then worry about it?)
  10. "So, how long are you going to wait before having another one?" (Again, let's get through this pregnancy first, and then we'll talk.)

What questions do you wish people would quit asking you about your pregnancy?


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Blues... Blueshark77

EvalynCarnate-we get asked that all the time too (about marriage). I've been asked all these except #s 3 and 6. I hate it when people ask what the name is going to be, you tell them, and they say "oh, well how about...". No, we don't want to name the baby after one of your suggestions, we already have a name. For some reason the remark that bugs me the most is "Your life is never going to be the same". NO SHIT! I just smile and nod while a thousand sarcastic remarks float around in my head.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I don't see what's wrong with number one, but the others are so inappropriate! I don't blame you for getting annoyed, I would be too!

Candice Smith

when i got pregnant with my second son and started showing, at first i didnt mind that everyone wanted to rub my belly then after ppl kept asking i got annoyed at it. then i got really huge and they were like " your having twins" im like no im not, its just one. i even showed the ultrasound pics to prove i was having one.

Andrea Hamasova Charlson

I've been pregnant twice and absolutely none of those questions bothered me...at all..Some people,are getting ready to get pregnant,or can't get pregnant and or are just so excited for the pregnant one and they want to know everything your feeling. Nothing wrong with that. But that's just me..i didn't turn into that "pregnant lady" who's nothing but big bag of hormones = don't touch me,don't ask me nothing,OMG I'm a first woman to have a baby.

Amber... Amber9587

I liked when people would ask me questions about my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant, but my little guy got here yesterday. 40 weeks and 2 days:)

nonmember avatar rose

Are you done yet? Or don't you believe in birth control? I planned my first but not the other seven. Six different types of birth control from the pill In Various Forms to deposit to Norplant and I still got pregnant. Due to personal beliefs I chose to keep my little. Monsters. However on many occasions I have had to resist the urge to disengage the mouth to brain filters, of just slap the snot out of a nosy busy body. I have had all of the above questions.

Toni Hook-Walker

The first question I really don't find annoying. Most people ask do you know what you are having. A lot of people ask if you have names picked out. People asked me if I was going to breast feed. I never took offense to that either. The other questions I would say are personal. The ones I mentioned I don't find personal. I believe people are supposed to be happy when their is a pregnancy. It is meant to be a joyous occasion. I don't know why you are so defensive about the questions I stated above. What difference does it make? Now the rest of them were pretty rude and I wouldn't have even given them the time of day. Really though the ones I mentioned are just small talk and people really need to get over themselves.

Laura... LauraRies

I don't know where this author lives or who her friends are, but I was never asked anything hyper-private. I had one very easy and one very difficult pregnancy, and those around me, friends, family and strangers, seemed genuinely happy, excited and concerned. If the author is so sensitive that THESE questions are popping up, she is in for a world of stress once the baby arrives and the flood of child-rearing advice starts to flow. You take yourself WAY too seriously -- lighten up and laugh!

Jennifer M Brown

Number 4 "How much weight have you gained so far?" (Followed by: "Oh, really? Wow."). This was asked by my family, and followed by saying. Oh, wow, really. I did not gain all that weight when I was pregnant. Why are you that big. You should not be that big. That is not healthy, and how are you going to lose it?

Tracy... Tracylynn100

my personal favorite, "Do you two know what is causing this,"  No I am 35 and my 4th baby, thanks for the info

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