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5 Celebrities With Super Stylish Maternity Lines

by Nicole Fabian-Weber on January 18, 2013 at 8:45 AM

jessica simpsonThink what you want of her, but the truth is Jessica Simpson's clothing line is seriously cute. I swear, every time I see something I like in Macy's, it's Jessica Simpson. So, naturally, when she expanded her line to include maternity clothes, and I was pregnant, I shopped some of her stuff. Full disclosure, I didn't buy much, as I pretty much lived in leggings and the same four tops the entire nine months, but I did get a really cute sweater (see left). And, hey, maybe next time around I'll put in a little more effort.

But Jess isn't the only celebrity with a super adorable maternity line. Check out these 5 stars' clothing lines for mamas-to-be.





Image via Destination Maternity

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Rosie Pope

It isn't surprising that this stylish mum's maternity line is super cute, but seriously: How adorable is this dress?

Price: $168

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