Identical Twin Mom Married to Identical Twin Dad Gives Birth ... To Identical Twins (VIDEO)

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Twins marry twins

It all began in Twinsburg, Ohio, at a Twins Day Festival when Craig and Mark Sanders met Diane and Darlene Nettemeir. The two pairs of identical twins paired off, fell in love, eventually got engaged on the same day with the same rings, and got married in a dual ceremony. If that isn't enough for you to digest, in 2001, after being married for two years, Craig and Diane had a set of identical twin boys of their own named Colby and Brady. So many twins, my head is spinning.

The chance of an identical twin marrying another identical twin and then having identical twins is, oh god, millions to one. Considering there aren't any hereditary traits that influence the likeliness of having identical twins, this is completely mindblowing to say the least.

However, if any two parents could be amazing parents to Colby and Brady, it's most definitely the ones they have. Talk about a true understanding of what it's like to be their children.

Oftentimes parents want to relate to things that their child is going through. Someone's being a bully at school, it's natural for a parent to try to think about their past experiences with the same thing and talk to a child on their level. For twins parenting twins, though, it just gets that more real.

These parents know whether or not their twins actually like being dressed alike, because they've been there. They know whether they want to be in the same class at school, and what effects that may have on their children. They know, when that driving age comes, if the kids are going to want the same car or different. Sure, one set of twins isn't necessarily like the other, but there's just no arguing that coming from a twin background, Craig and Diane truly understand what the bond of being a twin really means.

Sure, it's a crazy story, but if they don't mind seeing double -- I think it's two cute for words. Watch both Sanders families talk about their story on Today, here:

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Can you believe this? Do you think being twins makes it easier for Craig and Diane to relate to their sons?


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Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Or you could think of twins as any other child and know that they all have different ideas and wants.

Some twins love to dress a like other don't.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Ummmm. Twins run in my family, and to me it doesn't seem all that different. Do parents really need to be twins to get what it's like and relate to their kids? I don't think so.

nonmember avatar lisa

You are more likely to av twins if u are a twin or have twins in ur family, they can often skip a generation tho! So ur kinda wrong twins can run in families! Twins are becoming so common wat with ivf etc its nothing special these days!

nonmember avatar ss

Identical twins don`t have a known genetic factor, as opposed to fraternal twins, which can run in families. What I find facinating is that these kids are essentially genetic offspring of the second couple, too. And when they have children, the cousins will essentially be genetic siblings. Too cool!

nonmember avatar Samantha

Twins definately run in families. Not always, but ive seen it myself. My partner is an identical twin, and their father is a fraternal twin (he has a sister). Idk about their grents, i havent asked. His brother is having one baby, so im betting well end up with twins of one sort or another. I would love one girl & one boy, but from what ive seen.. The sister usually ends up ugly. Id love them all just the same no matter what, but it would suck for the sister.

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