Former ‘American Idol’ Judge Is Expecting a Baby Boy With Some Major Help

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kara dioguardiThis is not your ordinary celeb pregnancy. Former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is expecting a baby boy with her husband, Mike McCuddy. Yay! But we won't see adorable photos of Kara's baby bump. After struggling with fertility issues, the couple is having their baby through a gestational surrogate. And you better believe she's just as happy and excited about that baby as any pregnant mom.

But here's the interesting thing about a surrogate birth -- there's a third parent in the picture. "We’re praying for our surrogate, that she gets through this and that it’s as easy on her as it can possibly be, because she’s been a gem throughout the whole process," Kara says. "I've got two people on my mind: her and the baby. She's given us a precious gift."

I've always wondered about surrogate mothers. I know a gay couple who've had two babies through a surrogate, and they were in complete awe of this woman who was willing to carry their baby. Surrogate moms are usually very well paid. But still -- I can't imagine that it's just about the money. I think surrogates must be doing it because they want to help people, too.

It must feel amazing to make a couple's dream of having a family come true. To hand over that longed-for baby to the new parents and see the joy in their eyes would be an incredible high. And it can't be easy -- I mean, pregnancy isn't exactly easy to begin with. But almost every woman becomes attached to the baby she carries inside of her. What does it feel like to say goodbye, even if you've known all along that that was the point? It takes a special woman to be that strong -- surrogacy is a calling.

That's why I think surrogate moms need some extra love from the parents. This is a tender gift. The money can't even begin to pay for what a woman goes through to gestate a human being. Kara and Mike really are lucky to have found someone to help them build their family.

Do you know any women who have been a gestational surrogate?


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nonmember avatar sarah

i will actually begin the process of becoming a surrogate next month. you need to have a desire to help people. it should be noted that the parents are not adoptive, they are the birth parents.

Fondue Fondue

"That's why I think surrogate moms need some extra love from the adopting parents."

Please keep in mind that the parents in the surrogacy situation may not be adopting parents, but one or both may be the biological parents of the child.  In traditional surrogacy, the egg is supplied by the carrier, the sperm may be donated from the father or an unknown donor.  In gestational surrogacy, the egg and sperm are both from someone other than the carrier, as this is done through in-vitro fertization.  This is done in situations (similar to mine) where the parents can conceive a child, but for one reason or another, the mother repeatedly cannot carry to term.

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