Online Baby Showers Are Getting Popular & They're Brilliant

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shakira baby showerShakira is the latest celeb to show off a photo of her bare baby belly. She posed in a portrait with her soccer-star boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Oh my, that's going to be one gorgeous baby. But here's what's way more interesting: Shakira also announced that she'll be hosting a virtual baby shower. And it will benefit UNICEF!

Mosey on over to Shakira and Gerard's interactive online shower and you can purchase "inspired gifts" like a mosquito net, a polio vaccine, and therapeutic food for children all over the world. This is such a sweet idea! And it made me wonder if online showers are a "thing" now. You would think it would be, since so many of us live away from family and loved ones, and since technology makes so much possible. Here are some tips for throwing your own virtual baby shower.

Divine Caroline has some great suggestions:

1. Post it as a Facebook event with a cute photo of your pregnant self. Invite people.

2. Post fun games in the comments section.

3. Do your gift registry online (I think we're all doing this now anyway!).

4. Post a photo of a shower cake.

But not everyone you know may be on Facebook. What else could you do?

5. I love this virtual baby shower using Skype. Skype is free, and it's pretty easy to use. This way, you get to see your guests.

6. Another video option for a virtual shower is iChat. Whichever you use, it sounds like special planning -- and testing beforehand -- is key.

7. Web Baby Shower has a few other suggestions for interactive websites the help you plan and host an online shower.

8. Blog it -- if video is just not going to work for you, you could always host your party via your blog by posting photos and other details.

9. Make a charity registry. If you love how Shakira's shower is benefiting UNICEF, you can include a link to your favorite charity with your gift registry links.

Have you ever hosted or attended a virtual baby shower?


Image via UNICEF/YouTube

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hippi... hippiechick4812

My mom threw me an online baby shower when I was pregnant with my first, because I had just moved from NJ, where all my family lives, to CA, where my fiance was stationed--actually got pregnant on the cross country trip, lol. I had no friends and no one nearby and Mom wanted me to have as much of the experience as possible. The site she used was pretty awesome, it had games, a place for me to upload pictures, and a journal section. There was a guest book where people could post their good wishes. Not everyone "invited" gave gifts and I didn't expect it. The site had a service where they would design a photo book with everything from the "shower" after the baby was born and my mom had gotten that too. My daughter loves to flip through her "shower" book and see the pictures and have me read all the awesome well-wishes. My youngest has pictures from her shower (thrown by my best friend, because we had donated all of our stuff to a family in need, not realizing we were going to start trying again so soon due to a deployment), so I'm glad my oldest does too.

jagam... jagamama0710

I had one with my first. I didn't have a "regular" babyshower because we were living overseas. All my family and friends were back in the states. My mom set it up and it was just a big chat room at a certain time and day. There were little virtual games. It was fun because I otherwise wouldn't have had one. Instead of doing gifts at a shower, people who wanted to send something just mailed the gifts to us. My mom threw me a "traditional" babyshower with our second because we were back in the US after 3+ years and everybody wanted to see us. 

Does that make me greedy? Crass? Tacky? I don't think so. 

jagam... jagamama0710

The site my mom used sounds just like what hippiechick described. I got a photo book as well and my daughter loves flipping through it too. lol Cute! :) 

bingo... bingogurl

maybe next time I'll have one since only 2 people showed up for the only baby shower I've ever had!! 

nonmember avatar Chris

Like others have said, if it was for charity that'd be one thing. If you were stationed somewhere because of deployment that might be okay. Otherwise, it seems greedy.

Johnny Cirrito

Sad commentary on today's society!

Shantelle Fairhurst

The idea is great! However, it makes me sad that we are living in an age where we no longer get together physically. We all use cell phones or computers to have time with each other. It's great for family living far away, yes, but really, it's nice to go out with friends or just hang out and nobody wants to do that anymore because of all this technology!

tuffy... tuffymama

Jaga, I think Handy's "crass and tacky" point concerned people who throw virtual showers for themselves. And I happen to agree.

nonmember avatar Ange

Gross and tacky. Charity is one thing but otherwise you're essentially saying 'hey so I can't be bothered hosting a get together and your company doesn't mean nearly enough to me as your gifts so come to my online shower!'

nonmember avatar Megan

I am thinking abot throwing an online baby shower for my sister, we have family all over the country, we cant just gather all together. I think its a great way to be in contact with your family from diffent states about your upcoming budle of joy, in my sisters case bundles of joy. If you make it as close to a regular baby shower as you can, I dont see the problem. Instead of in person, post pictures, play games and send prizes instead of just handing out prizes, Send thank you cards for join... things like that are what make the difference from being greedy and wanting to share in your babyness. Do I hope she gets gifts, yes.. she is having two babies and has to buy everything for them, but if she doesnt at least she has well wishes and is able to share with our family.

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