Online Baby Showers Are Getting Popular & They're Brilliant

shakira baby showerShakira is the latest celeb to show off a photo of her bare baby belly. She posed in a portrait with her soccer-star boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Oh my, that's going to be one gorgeous baby. But here's what's way more interesting: Shakira also announced that she'll be hosting a virtual baby shower. And it will benefit UNICEF!

Mosey on over to Shakira and Gerard's interactive online shower and you can purchase "inspired gifts" like a mosquito net, a polio vaccine, and therapeutic food for children all over the world. This is such a sweet idea! And it made me wonder if online showers are a "thing" now. You would think it would be, since so many of us live away from family and loved ones, and since technology makes so much possible. Here are some tips for throwing your own virtual baby shower.


Divine Caroline has some great suggestions:

1. Post it as a Facebook event with a cute photo of your pregnant self. Invite people.

2. Post fun games in the comments section.

3. Do your gift registry online (I think we're all doing this now anyway!).

4. Post a photo of a shower cake.

But not everyone you know may be on Facebook. What else could you do?

5. I love this virtual baby shower using Skype. Skype is free, and it's pretty easy to use. This way, you get to see your guests.

6. Another video option for a virtual shower is iChat. Whichever you use, it sounds like special planning -- and testing beforehand -- is key.

7. Web Baby Shower has a few other suggestions for interactive websites the help you plan and host an online shower.

8. Blog it -- if video is just not going to work for you, you could always host your party via your blog by posting photos and other details.

9. Make a charity registry. If you love how Shakira's shower is benefiting UNICEF, you can include a link to your favorite charity with your gift registry links.

Have you ever hosted or attended a virtual baby shower?


Image via UNICEF/YouTube

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