Midwife Who Delivered Her Daughters' 6 Babies Is Truly 'Grandmother of the Year'

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newborn toesFinding an OB/GYN or midwife that you truly love and trust can be a difficult task, unless she happens to be your own mother, of course. And that's exactly how things happened to work out for two very lucky sisters. Their mother, midwife Jude Beard, delivered all six of their babies. (Yes, she delivered her own grandchildren -- how awesome is that?)

And in addition to serving as her daughters' midwife, she also assisted in the births of two more of her grandkids who were born via C-section. (What a rock star grandma!)

Of playing such an integral role in bringing her grandchildren into the world, Jude said:

I always wanted to be a midwife and I feel honoured I could deliver my darling grandchildren into the world. The girls would have wanted me to be with them anyway, but this was much more special. It's important that an expectant mother has trust in their midwife, and it's always easier if they have their mum with them too. I've been very lucky to be able to combine the two -- on six occasions.

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one who is tearing up a little at the thought of having my mom deliver my baby. Because I just can't imagine a more amazing bonding experience between three generations than that scenario.

Sure, some women will probably cringe at the thought of having their mom in the delivery room, but not me. If my mom were a doctor or midwife, I absolutely would've wanted her to deliver my son, or at least assist in his birth in some way.

And maybe I feel so strongly about it because my own mother wasn't able to be there when I gave birth to my one and only child -- something that is still hard for both of us to accept at times even though it was almost seven years ago.

You see, about six weeks before I had my son, my mom found out she had a brain tumor. It was benign, thank God, but she still had to have very invasive surgery, and she was still recovering when I checked into the hospital to have him. And since we lived thousands of miles apart at the time, there was simply no way she could be there to witness my son's birth.

And I've always said that if I ever were to have another baby, I'd want her in the delivery room for sure. It must be a truly breathtaking sight to watch the child you brought into the world give birth to your grandchild. And I just can't help but feel a twinge of envy every time I hear about mothers and daughters who got to experience the miracle of life together. I wonder if they even realize just how lucky they are?

Are you planning on having your mom in the delivery room?


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nonmember avatar Ann

My sister acted as (uncertified) doula for both my births and she caught my daughter with the midwife's direction. She's made to be a midwife, but raising her own family is her priority over going back to school for it now. She's also the one all her home-birthing friends call on for extra support when they're in labor. It meant so much to have her there as such a calming presence and extra support along with my husband. I think it's nice to have family involved in that special moment if you are close.

My mom wasn't really comfortable coming to the hospital for the birth, but she's taken care of the older siblings at home, which is so helpful!

2nino... 2ninos4me

it would have been more "amazing " if that wanst her profession

jrseden jrseden

My mother was right by my side for the birth of all 3 of my children. I cherish that very much & cldnt imagine having it any other way. Any day now my first grandchild will b born & I will b right there by her side. since I had my kids I've always just assumed I wld b there. But whn my daughter got pregnant & plans were being put in order, I realized it wasn't set in concrete & was solely my daughter & son in laws choice. Thankkfully they decided the way they did. I wld love to see this to become a tradition carried on for many generations. Yes it is an absolutely breathtaking experience to get to share with ur mother!

jalaz77 jalaz77

It is amazing even if it is her profession because that puts you in a difficult position should something go wrong, Dr or MW. Most providers don't take on their families as pts for that reason, fear of problems. However this is great because its so personal. I would LOVE to do this for my kids one day as my plans are to go back to school for CNM. However I have 1 daughter and 2 boys soon to be 3 boys and pretty sure DILs probably won't be down for that. My mom has been there during labor for my kids this time she will stay the whole time cause our daughter wants to be there, my mom can help us by helping our dd if she needs it, kiddo may say I don't like this so my mom can take off with her if needed.

Angelica Medina

No. With my last child mom couldn't hold it together. She was crying more than me and I was the one trying to comfort her before and after my c section. She is too emotional. I'm hiring a doula this time and kicking her out to the waiting room.

Momto... MomtoDavid

My first child had to be induced and my mom went to tell my dad that i was 7 centimeters, and by the time she got back he was already out. It took all of maybe 10 minutes. With my second, we planned for her to be in the room but she had a sinus infection and even if she was on antibiotics we didn't want to take the risk.If I have another one (not likely according to hubby lol) I'll make her take all the immune boosting herbs she can lol

lovem... lovemy2sons25

My mom was in the room with my first child and with my 2nd child she was in the room with me during labor but when I was dialated to a 9 the babys heartrate dropped and I had to get a c-section so my boyfriend was with me during that but if that wouldn't have happened then she would have been with me the whole time for that birth as well.

nonmember avatar Amber

My Mum (stepmother) was there for my first, my mother-in-law was there for my second, and since we live in the same state now, I hope to have my Mama there if we decide to have a third. I love these women too much not to share such wonderful moments with them.

nonmember avatar Angela

I wish my mom was there for the birth of my kids.she passed away 5years prior of me having my 1 kid.would have giving almost anything to see her face after giving birth to her grandbabies.

Piggy... PiggysMommy1001

When I had my son I had my mom, grandma, and aunt (who is 2 years older than me and more like a sister) in the room and my mom stayed with me until we went home.

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