Adele Won't Tell Us Her Baby Name Because It's Too 'Personal'

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AdeleSeriously, Adele? It has been three months since the singer gave birth to her baby boy, and she still won't tell us what the little guy's name is. It's not that she just hasn't announced it, which would be one thing, but she's flat out refusing to tell people when they ask her.

It was so great to see her win Best Original Song at the Golden Globes on Sunday, then she had to go get all smug and secretive when asked about her son. According to People, she told reporters, "This is for my boyfriend Simon (Konecki) who convinced me to do it and my lovely son. Thank you so much.”

She went on to talk about how difficult motherhood is, and how she has eczema from boiling bottles. But when it came to his name, she said, "I'm not sharing his name at the moment. It's very personal to me. I am enjoying him on my own."

I'm sorry, but it's just a freaking name!

What exactly does she think we're going to do with it? Everyone has one. I mean, have you ever asked anyone their name, and they recoiled telling you that was too personal of a question?

Not wanting share photos, or bring him out in public, or otherwise expose him to the spotlight, fine. But his name is ... his name for God's sake.

I get the whole celebrity desire for privacy thing ... sort of. You make millions of dollars because people adore you and want to see your every move, but when you want them to stop, you want them to stop. It's definitely in the having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too category, but whatever. Even if we grant her that, however, this is weird.

Is she afraid we're not going to like it, that people will say negative things about it? Well, yes, some probably will. EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to baby names, and the opinions aren't always positive. But guess what, that's part of the deal.

A few weeks without revealing a name is one thing, but as she continues to wait and keep it a mystery, the anticipation is just going to build. So when she does finally release it, the reaction will probably be even more severe than normal. Yes, it's her kid and her decision, but this is getting ridiculous.

Do you think it's crazy that Adele still won't tell us her baby's name?


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nonmember avatar kat

If it's "just a freaking name", then why on earth should it matter to you what it is? Perhaps it's personal because it's after a relative who passed on, or something like that, and she doesn't have to explain or justify herself if she doesn't want to. If this woman wasn't a celebrity and you didn't know her personally, I'd bet serious money that you wouldn't care, much less know about it. People say celebrities aren't entitled to privacy, but nobody can force them to disclose anything that any of the rest of us aren't forced to disclose. There's plenty of other celebrity "news" to freak out about until Adele's son's name is released.

nonmember avatar Laura

No. I think its ridiculous you think she should tell us the name. She's the celebrity not her baby. If she doesn't want to reveal the name, she doesn't have to.

nonmember avatar Tami

This is bizarre. She can't enjoy him on her own if she tells his name? It must be something ridiculous. Which would disappoint me because she seems so normal. I've never had any patience for celebrities who get pissed because they don't have privacy.

Missi... MissiQuinn

Not at all. She's his mother, and she gets to decide what we know and when. I don't think it's 'crazy' to protect her son. He's three months old and any information about him is really none of your business.

Irela... Ireland69

Good for her it's not our business.  She wants some privacy for her son I don't know what a celebrity goes through but I'm sure it's hell.  No one said how crazy Michael Jackson was when he covered his kids face for awhile.  I would do anything to protect my kids.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

"Adele won't tell us her baby name"? Um, do you know her? Are you friends? Are we all friends will Adele? I'm thinking no. So her baby name is none of anyone's business. It is solely up to her what she chooses to disclose about her child, and if she doesn't want to share his name I don't think that makes her crazy, it simply makes her a mom who's baby's name is none of your business.

laure... laurenemb

It's not your business. Feeling "entitled" to know his name is just as intrusive as the paparazzi who stalk celebrity children outside their schools.

Shrew2u Shrew2u

The people who are spazzing out over knowing her son's name should take a step back and evaluate whether they should be a bit more concerned with their own lives than Adele's.  Sheesh, it's a name, you will survive a while longer not knowing it.  Good for Adele.

WowIl... WowIllbeamom11

No, hell she got death threats when she was pregnant. I don't blame her at all for wanting to keep his name private.

nonmember avatar Pip

I find it very odd that the blogger cares so much. Slow day? I don't think that I'd want to expose my child to celebrity culture, either. By not announcing his name, he technically doesn't have an identity that can be used in the media. "Son" (or "baby") is very ambiguous and doesn't find itself in needless, speculative headlines crafted by bored writers getting paid by the word and page view. High-five to Adele for respecting and drawing her own boundaries.

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