Beyonce's Sonogram Is More Than Anyone Really Needs to See

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Beyonce Jay-ZCan you believe it's been a year since Blue Ivy Carter made her way into the world? Apparently her famous parents can't either. Word has it Beyonce's sonogram will be revealed in an upcoming HBO documentary, throwing us back into the kind of celebrity pregnancy hoop-la we haven't seen since, um, well, since a week or two ago when Kanye West dropped his "Kim's having my baby news."

But enough about Kimye! Beyonce certainly wouldn't want to be sharing the spotlight with a Kardashian right now. She's got an amorphous black and white blob to show off because everyone needs to see that, right? I said, right?

What? You don't actually have an interest in seeing Beyonce's sonogram? Or anyone's sonogram for that matter?

Message received!

Maybe Beyonce is just trying to put all those "she was never really pregnant" rumors to rest with this, but there's gotta be a better way!

I may be in the minority here, but in my not-so-humble opinion, the "let's show off the sonogram" trend has earned its rightful spot in the "parenting TMI" annals, and no amount of celebrity on Beyonce's part excuses her from this overshare. Actually, come to think of it, this one may be even worse than most. She doesn't don't need to show off proof that you're having a baby. She and Jay-Z actually HAVE a baby; we've seen her! She's cute ... a heckuva lot cuter than those alien-looking sonogram pictures. 

Actually, it's the alien part that really makes the sonogram trend so confusing to me. I get that people want to share their big news, and I'm happy for people who announce they're expecting.

But what are you trying to tell people? That your kid-to-be looks like something out of a freaky Sigourney Weaver flick?

Here's hoping this is one trend that celebrities won't get too attached to.

Do you want to see Beyonce's sonogram? Scratch that; do you want to see anyone's sonogram?



Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Janet

No one really cares about Beyonce or her kid. I don't understand why her and her husband think they are so special that everyone would want to see this. Women have babies everyday and always have. she needs to get over herself.

MokaM... MokaMommy

Not interested, but how would that prove she really had the baby? A sonogram doesn't show the mother, only the child.


nonmember avatar Tami

This post was dumb...

nonmember avatar Rich

Who really gives a Rats Ass?

nonmember avatar AriesP

I think it is STUPID! like seriously the baby is a year. For a chick that shows her pa-tootie half naked she NEVER shows her stomach of pregnancy (and not that baby bump? she shows in the documentary that most every women pg or not gets after eating Thanksgiving dinner). Ifs she did NOT give birth that is FINE there are women that cannot carry to full term and go through other methods to become mothers. I am tired of this and THAT other vain couple. I wish they would all go on a vacay for like 15 years. And WHO creates a documentary of themselves? Is that not BIASED or what! Oh well...

nonmember avatar Janie

Did not care to Beyonce's or see Jessica Simpson's tweet of her pregnant belly either!!

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Who really cares honestly? I do think it is funny that she will wear quite revealing outfits but never showed her belly and in that interview she did her belly flopped over lol

nonmember avatar Shelly

Come-on! She NEVER was pregnant! What a liar-and for what? They make me sick!

nonmember avatar Raven

Omg. There are so many jealous women in the world. I love Beyonce, and I think that anyone that has something negative to say about her is pathetic. You women spend to much time hating on other women. Your sonograms weren't that Damn special. The point is that it's special to her and she wants to share that with her fans. I don't currently have HBO and the only reason I will be adding it this February is to see her documentary. She's awesome! And to everyone that didn't believe she was pregnant, you're an idiot. Get over yourself. How about you spend more time with your kids instead of worrying about whether or not a baby came out of someone else's va jay jay.

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