Grandmother Gives Birth to Her Own Twin Granddaughters

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pregnant at the doctorThere have already been reported cases of moms carrying babies for their daughters to help them fulfill their dream of motherhood, but one woman in Brazil definitely has those generous ladies beat.

Fifty-one-year-old Maria da Gloria just gave birth to her twin granddaughters earlier this week via C-section, making her daughter and the babies' mother, Fernanda Medeiros, one very happy lady.

Wow. Twins at 51 is impressive enough, but when they're you're own grandkids? Yeah, that's nothing short of amazing. (She wins the grandmother-of-the-year award for sure.)

And Maria definitely had a lot of time to think about being a surrogate for her daughter, because Fernanda had her uterus removed at the tender age of only 13. She said, "At the time, it was so sad because I had always wanted to be a mother."

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A few years ago, she heard about another grandmother who had carried her own grandchild, and so she and her mother went to see a doctor, but were turned away because Maria was too old. But they didn't give up, and obviously they found another doctor who was willing to try -- and Maria became pregnant with her daughter's twins through IVF.

Every time I hear about a mother doing this for her daughter, I'm equally amazed, and I know I'd do the same thing for my own child (if I had a daughter, of course).

It must be unbearable to watch helplessly as your daughter aches to become a parent, so I can totally understand why moms like Maria jump at the chance to come to the rescue and carry their own grandbabies.

And considering just how close most grandparents are with their grandchildren when they arrive the old fashioned way, I can't even begin to imagine the bond Maria will share with those two little girls as they grow up.

It must be nothing short of incredible to carry your own children, give birth to them and watch them grow up, and then do it all over again with their children.

There's definitely no limit to a mother's love (not to mention a grandmother's!).

Would you carry your daughter's babies?


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nonmember avatar blue

I don't have a daughter, but no...sadly I wouldn't. My pregnancy was VERY high risk, and very difficult. I could hardly get through it in my twenties, and I couldn't go through it older. I would do anything else I could to make it happen. Giving money for a surrogate, or adoption, etc.

Babyg... Babygirlsmom112

That is amazing, Congrats to them. I would do it in a heart beat for my daughters :)


LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

I would do it in a heartbeat for either of my daughters, or future DILs if need be. :)

early... earlybird11

I would not only do it for my daughters I'd do it for my son and his wife if they couldn't .

nonmember avatar Cindy

I wish i could do this for my daughter ..

bfrance bfrance

I love my daughter with all my heart (her only bring 7 lol) but I don't think I could.the bond you have while preg.and to just hand over the child would be hard. Grandchild or not.

gamma4 gamma4

This is the ONLY way I would surragate...I could not any other way....I would be too attached to give away....but my own grandbabies I COULD DO

nonmember avatar Richene

Absolutely I would do this for my daughter in a heartbeat. My 2nd daughter of three, has been trying very hard to have children of her own since her husband has had his vasectomy reversed. So far it hasn't been sucessful. They checked him for fertility and he is fine. She just doesn't ovulate. I offered it to her, but she turned me down. I would love nothing more than to see her with a little one of her own. She was such a beautiful and good baby, child, adolecent and now woman. She should be blessed as I was with her. Life really isn't fair sometimes.

Jorie21 Jorie21

I would do this for my daughter (if I could, I had a tubal). This is admirable and very loving. She went above and beyond for her daughter.

witch... witchfantasy

If I knew my children were capable of caring for children (two of my kids are autistic) and couldn't have kids, I would do this if it meant they were happy! :D This is amazing, it's awesome to read about something good every once in a while.

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