Holly Madison Paints a Smiley Face on Her Belly & It’s Adorable

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holly madison paints bellyEveryone, please meet Holly Madison's adorable baby girl! Well, actually she hasn't been born, yet. But the former Playboy playmate and Girl Next Door star painted a big smiley face on her pregnant belly so we can just imagine. "Hey guys! I took this pic of the baby bump this morning -- smiling just for you!" she posted in her blog. "Hope you're having a great weekend."

Is someone getting a little punchy during her last trimester? Waiting for that baby to finally arrive can make you a little batty. We start talking to our bellies. And it looks like not only is Holly darn proud of her baby-to-be, she's maybe also a little anxious to have that girl already. I'm just guessing here.

But why not paint a big smiley face on your big, pregnant belly? I mean really, why not? You might as well! You've already decorated the nursery, picked out the layette, made 100 different lullaby playlists, lined up a pediatrician, mopped the kitchen floor 700 times. WHAT ELSE IS THERE LEFT TO DO BUT PAINT YOUR BELLY???

I don't know when exactly Holly is due. Maybe she has another month or two. Maybe it's tomorrow. But I'll tell you this -- it's just one slippery slope between painting a smiley face on your belly and doing one of those papier-mache belly casts painted with a fertility goddess against a rainbow with palm trees and woman symbols. I'm just saying.

Hang in there, Holly! It may not come to that. Actually, I think the smiley face is a really cute idea. I love that she's so excited and funny about her belly.

Have you ever thought about painting a face on your belly?


Image via Holly Madison/Celebuzz

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linzemae linzemae

how can she still look that great?! she really looks amazing

Rae.302 Rae.302

Yeah, yeah, adorable. Why the f*ck is this news?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I happen to adore belly art. O.o

LadyC... LadyClaire

I'm just jealous of her bathroom...

misha... mishamama

She looks great! I wish I looked as good when I was pregnant. I looked like a giant, pimpley blimp.

Santa Wify

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