Mom Has Super Scary Delivery on Bathroom Floor After Hospital Sends Her Home (VIDEO)

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mom and babyNativia Jones did just what she was supposed to do when she felt like she was in labor on New Year's Eve -- she went to the hospital in New Bedford, Mass. It was three days before her scheduled c-section, but after spending some time there being observed, doctors sent her home, apparently believing the baby wasn't coming anytime soon.

The baby had other ideas. According to CBS, several hours after Jones went home, her contractions started getting worse. Then suddenly there she was on her bathroom floor in full-on labor.

She said she was in shock, and her boyfriend was 'about to pass out" but did manage to call 911. Fortunately police officer Nathan Monteiro arrived just in the nick of time. The station reports that he walked into the bathroom just in time to catch the baby coming out. Talk about terrific timing!

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But that wasn't the end of the scare. The umbilical was wrapped around the baby's neck, and she wasn't breathing. Monteiro, however, knew just what to do and unwrapped it and used his finger to clear the airway.

Both mother and her baby, Amyiah Angel Jones-Rivera, are fine now, and Jones calls Moneiro her hero, which he no doubt is. But what I want to know is why that hospital sent her home. I know doctors make mistakes and all, but that's a pretty big one.

There are plenty of stories of women who give birth along the highway or in other unexpected places because they think they have more time than they do, but if you actually make it to the hospital you'd think you would be pretty safe. Fortunately this case had a happy ending, but it easily could have gone another much more frightening way.

Can you believe the hospital sent this woman home?


Image via CBS Boston

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nonmember avatar Rachel

A doctor tried to send me home because my contractions, though regular, weren't very intense and I wasn't very dilated. I refused to leave and walked the halls instead. My son was born less than 2 hours later. My mother had already warned me that her labora all went like this, or I would have let them send me home,knowing many women would have been in for hours and hours of labor still. I'm thankful things were alright for this woman though!

nonmember avatar nicky

Makes me glad my water broke both times they don't argue with that.

nonmember avatar May

Lol I had a similar experience to the one above in the comment section. My contractions were close and intense but I wasnt dilating so the nurses told me if they didn't see some change in the next 20 mins then I' d be sent home even tho I lived 40 mins away from the nearest hospital. They didn't even have the doc come in to check. Well lo and behold my water broke a few mins later dilating me to 9 and the doc was still at home because the nurses didn't bother to call him. By the time he got there the nurses had started the delivery.

nonmember avatar A

In April I was trying for a water birth, and had picked a birth center an hour and a half from my house. Crazy I know but this was my 3rd, and I thought we could make it. Well we get there, and 6 hours later they send me home! I was stuck at a 4 I was like what!? I live almost 2 hours away. The midwife was steadfast. I wish I would have stayed but we left. I had the baby at another hospital on the way back home. So yeah I believe it.

kelti... kelticmom

Babies don't have a routine they follow. I stayed in the triage for two hours only dilated to three. They sent me home, I fell asleep for three hours and woke up to my water breaking. Went back to the hospital and was at six. Then got stuck on 8 for another two hours. The article said "several hours" after she was sent home. She could have only been 2 centimetres at the hospital and barely defaced when they sent her home. You can't predict labor.

Shrew2u Shrew2u

I was sent home twice; both times, my water broke less than 12 hours after being sent home.  Fortunately, I was still several hours away from giving birth both times my water broke at home.  Even with making it to the hospital in plenty of time (4 hours before delivery), I still almost gave birth before the doctor arrived the first time around (he had a C-section at a different hospital that went a bit longer than he planned, I guess!).  The second time around, I didn't deliver for 14 hours after my water broke, so I ended up asking for an Ambien to get some shut-eye before show time.  When it comes to a woman in labor, you just never know how it will go!

mande... manderspanders

Kelticmom: I think you mean (actually, I know you do) effaced...not defaced. Pretty sure no one wants to experience being defaced.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

I know a lady who went to the hospital with her 4th and told the triage nurse "I think I'm in labor." She was contracting but was only dialated to 2cm. They sent her saying "when you are in real labor you'll know, not think". Her daughter was born an hour later at home on the stairs.

weird... weirdgothmom

I was sent home twice and i delivered one of my twins in the toilet

kelti... kelticmom

Manderspanders. Lol, autocorrect. I didn't proofread it. Stupid iPhone.

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