Kim Kardashian Maybe Ate Sushi! Call the Preggers Police!

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kimyeIt's a good thing Kim Kardashian is already comfortable with being in the spotlight 24/7, because now that she's an official Celeb Mom-to-Be, the sanctimonious preggers police are gonna seriously scrutinize her every move. In fact, they've already started. Kim's first "offense" (maybe)? Having dinner at a sushi restaurant.

Oh no! Everybody knows eating raw fish when you're expecting is like the worst most dangerous thing EVER!! For shame, Kim!!

Except maybe it's not really such a big deal. First of all, we don't even know if she ate raw fish -- sheesh, maybe she ordered a California roll and edamame! And even if she did go for the sashimi, so what? I can assure you that giving up sushi is not something women in Japan have to expect when they're expecting. (Lower mercury level fish like salmon are recommended, however.) Look, I'm not saying pregnancy isn't a time to be cautious, but there's no need to be paranoid.

Every time Kim goes out to eat for the next nine (or however many are left) months, she's going to eat or drink something that stirs up a controversy: Kim Kardashian ate brie with her baguette at brunch! Soft cheese, aaaack! Kim Kardashian took a sip of wine at dinner, lord have mercy! Kim Kardashian went to Starbucks and what if she didn't get decaf?!

But the truth is, pretty much everything in moderation is probably okay when you're pregnant. Yes, soft cheese (especially unpasteurized soft cheese) and deli meat can carry listeria, but they rarely do. Unfortunately, ANY food can carry ANYTHING (speaking of listeria, remember the deadly cantaloupe outbreak? Nobody saw THAT one coming!). Nothing is 100 percent safe.

As for caffeine and alcohol, should you cut back? Yeah, probably. Do you need to run screaming if somebody offers you a sip of their latte? No. No you don't. And neither does Kim Kardashian.

Did you eat sushi when you were pregnant?


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Laurlev Laurlev

I ate almost everything in moderation, but did not eat raw food. Mostly because I couldn't stand the smell.

Hyman Hyman

I just had sushi last night. Lol. I'm 4 mo pregnant. I found out I'm pregnant just before 3 months and I was eating everything. (But I breastfeed still so I'm pretty healthy)

BeckyP. BeckyP.

You can eat sushi. Just not the kinds of sushi with RAW fish. Not all sushi contains raw fish, people. I can't believe I wasted my time even skimming this story. Stupid.

femal... femaleMIKE

I never ate sushi before my pregnancy!  I always chose california rolls and the bean bag thingy with rice in it. 

Most people that I know that eats sushi on a regular basis can recognize when its not okay to eat.  I haven't wanted to eat anything on the "do not eat" list except for an italian sub. Its grilled first.

I do have a large coffee everyday.  I am careful not neurotic.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Becky; love your use of 'skimming', I chuckled!

nonmember avatar kmg

I am 9 months pregnant (due any day) and have enjoyed delicious sushi throughout my pregnancy (cooked and uncooked). I have avoided all alcohol and any substances (prescription or over the counter medications) that are known to have damaging effects to a pregnancy, but otherwise, I have maintained my life as normal as it was before I got pregnant.
I asked my midwife about it early on because I was craving sushi so badly but was afraid of all the warnings surrounding it. She smiled and said, "some doctors like to take advantage of the fact that pregnant women are hyper sensitive to information. I think a lot of these rules are taken to the extreme and do more harm than good." She told me that I could continue to eat sushi in moderation, as long as it was at a restaurant I had been to before. She said my chance of food poisoning was no different and if I had eaten there before with success, then keep going!

Like you said, be reasonable and everything in moderation. My daughter is growing healthy and strong, even with my occasional consumption of salmon and spicy tuna rolls :)

xiolxuo xiolxuo

What are you, 15? I hate the word 'preggers'.

nonmember avatar sarah

i ate sushi before i new i was pregnant but while i was pregnant i had sunny side up eggs, coffee and a sip of alcohol at my brother in laws wedding. if your healthy to begin with almost anything in moderation is ok.

MsRkg MsRkg

I ate almost everything a pregnant woman was not supposed to eat and my baby turned out just fine. Granted I didn't even know I was pregnant until 5 months, but even afterwards i still ate everything and didn't really cut anything out of my diet. I take all those warnings with a grain of salt. Everything in moderation.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Hello, there are also things like avocado rolls and sweet potato rolls! I'm not pregnant and I'll still order them!

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