Kanye West Shared Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy News in Worst Way Ever

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The news of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy may have been a surprise to many -- but apparently it was also a surprise to Kim. Well, not the pregnancy exactly. But the announcement of it. Reportedly, Kim had zero idea that Kanye was going to spill the beans in front of thousands of people during his concert while he was in the midst of singing one of his favorite songs, "Lost the World." Lost his mind, more like! Okay, that's a little harsh, but seriously, should a daddy ever surprise a new mommy with a birth announcement that she wasn't on board with?

Sources say that he wanted to announce it at his concert because several of his relatives were in the house. I understand the excitement of wanting to tell the world that your girlfriend is pregnant, and since Kim's family already knew, perhaps he thought he was doing no harm. But there are other reasons to keep a pregnancy hush hush.

For one, Kim is in her twelfth week or so and reportedly wanted to wait until she "started showing." Plus, any announcement of a pregnancy of Kardashian proportions guarantees a crap storm of paparazzi following her every move and tons of headlines speculating on everything from the baby's name to what Kim is eating and whether or not she should be eating it. Perhaps Kim would have liked a little more time to not have to deal with all of that stuff.

Nevertheless, sources say Kim wasn't upset with the surprise blab, and in fact was crying "tears of joy." Plus, this is the guy who rushed on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift during her VMA speech. Surely Kim must know that verbal restraint isn't one of Kanye's finest qualities.

And, let's face it, Kim loves publicity. She's built her entire life around it. If she's upset about anything, it's probably that the announcement came at his show instead of at her paid New Year's Eve gig in Las Vegas. Then again, if anyone can forgive a signficant other for being an fame addict, it should be Kim.

That said, these two do seem genuinely in love. Remember when we all doubted it?! They must be over the moon and I'm not going to begrudge them their baby happiness. I still think it was a tacky move though.

Do you think dad's have a right to decide when to announce?


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Mommy... MommyBoha

yes, they are genuinely in love with themselves

nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

I think those people do everything in the worst way. I am in no way a kardashian fan. I think they're a ridiculous group. The only one that doesn't bug me is Khloe. That being said, as funny as it sounds, I thought Kim would do better than this guy. He seems like such a tool. Just from media and such I can't see him as a dad.

BeSwe... BeSweet707

@mommyboha WORD! LOL. I am happy for them, a child is a blessing, but it is kind of ackward she is still legally married...when I heard this announcent I thought of Khlomar...how much they yearn for a child. I hope God blesses them with a baby as well. I know she must secretly feel immense sadness Kims preggos and shes not :(

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I feel that the way he said it said it to the concert attendees was super tacky as well! "Give it up for my baby mama!" Eww really? No shame. I wish this child all the best but I really wished Khole and Lamar were the couple with a pregnancy announcement.

nonmember avatar melissa

When I heard that she was pregnant - it reminded me of the episode where kim and kourtney see the medium about trier dad. The medium tells them kourtney is going to get pregnant and another buy will also be on the way! When he said that they both said khloe! .. I was waiting to hear who was going to be next and how soon ( I thought he was talking about khloe too lol) .. congrats this is what she has said she always wanted! And its not with that kris Humphrey ( yuck he disgusts me) even if I am not a hug fan of kanye - he is deep thoughted if you listen to his music he is also very spiritual. So I much rather see her have some depth lol.

Texas... TexasGirl512

18 years, 18 years

And on her 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his

momto... momtomightyjack

I'm sure Kris was upset that she couldn't sell the exclusive rights to the story.v

nonmember avatar Mrs.Clark

Ummm, isn't she still legally married? And did he really say, "give it up for my baby mama?" This is just tacky all around. Stories like this are on Maury all the timme and we laugh at and pity those people. What? Becuz she's a Kardashian we celebrate it? Society is so backwards.


I felt bad for Khloe knowing how she so wants to get pregnant. But the song is Kims favorite.

bills... billsfan1104

Hahhahhhhahhajajajaja Texas.

We want prenup, we want prenup, yeah

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