Judge Orders Abusive Mom of 4 to Stop Having Kids

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This sounds like the idea of the decade, folks. A judge has ordered a woman not to have any more children. And before you get all irate about the right of the uterus (and lord knows I can get irate about that!), in this particular instance, the judge sounds like he knows what he's doing. The woman, Kimberly Lightsey, 30, already has four young children. And that hasn't gone so well.

Lightsey was arrested after reportedly leaving her four kids, ranging in age from 1 to 11, alone in a hotel room while she went out to party. One of her kids was found flipped upside down in a stroller in the hallway. The other three were found alone in a hotel room and the room was reportedly filled with trash and was a complete disaster. Cops waited for the woman, who didn't arrive back at the hotel until 3 a.m. She was arrested.

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The Florida mother of four was already on probation stemming from child abuse charges a few years earlier. She'd been accused of hitting her 6-year-old son in the face with a belt. One of her children has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The judge sentenced Lightsey to two years house arrest and 13 years of probation for child neglect -- but this plea deal, which included no jail time, depends on her not having any more children. She also cannot have "unsupervised contact" with any minors. All of which makes you wonder how exactly she is going to support four kids with being under house arrest (hello, can't travel to a job) and not having unsupervised contact with minors (hello, hope she has a husband or full-time caregiver who can stay in her house). Seriously, I have NO idea how any of this is realistic.

The kids are with relatives for now, but did these relatives even want four children, one of which needs constant care? However ... the not having more kids part? Good idea!

The judge also said Kimberly can have kids in the future provided she fulfills her probation. In 13 years, Lightsey will be 43, so it's fairly unlikely -- unless she breaks probation -- that she'll have any more children. Which sounds about right.

Do you think a judge has a right to tell women not to have kids?


Image via Bartow County Sheriff's Office

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Carme... Carmen8706

Yes.  Reproduction is a right in this society, but I think it should be a privilege.  There are too many screw-ups having kids and it's wrong. 

purvi... purvislets

She agreed to the plea deal, so I absolutely agree with the sentence. She could have taken the jail time.

Joey_01 Joey_01

You can work on house arrest, my loser cousin worked on house arrest until he got thrown back in jail. She should work and pay child support!

nonmember avatar My Turn

Many house arrests conditions provide time to go to work and even a few hours to do grocery/banking. Better than throwing them in jail and for sure never going to work. Never saw a condition regarding having children though!

sand008 sand008

Get her fixed, like a dog.

Lovex23 Lovex23

I agree she should be fixed! She's so irresponsible that she leaves her children alone in a motel room she's probably to stupid to take precautions to avoid another pregnancy. I just feel for those poor children. Hopefully they're in a loving home and well cared for.

femal... femaleMIKE

You can work on house arrest.  I knew several people on house arrest.  They didn't seem to be ashamed of it. 

ummm, we should start to worry when too many judges overstep their boundaries.  We have the constitution for a reason.  We can't let dirt bags like her be the reason we give it up. 

the4m... the4mutts

I am completely against this. While the woman obviously SHOULDN'T have more, no judge should put that as a stipulation in a sentencing. That is walking a fine line towards people being regulated on how many kids its "lawful" to have.

Oh, and the author:

Only 30 and already has 4 kids? Yeah, so WHAT? I'm 29 and have 4 kids and have never been in any legal trouble in my life. And my kids have never been neglected, abused, or even moderately injured on my watch. Its incredibly stupid to insinuate that her age + number of kids = recipe for disaster.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Fix her ass or jail for 13 yrs. She is scum. She hit her kid in the face with a belt AND got her kid(s) back after that. Judicial system failed those kids. No one checked in on her? So wrong.

schlis schlis

the4mutts: it was a plea DEAL. she had to agree to it. it was probably that, or a more conventional sentence, like 5 years in prison or something. I don't understand why people get all worked up over rights being violated, when they AGREED to have it done. she obviously thought it was a good deal. no one FORCED her to do anything.

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