Jessica Simpson Looks 7 Months Pregnant in Latest Belly Bump Tweet Because She's Jessica Simpson (PHOTO)

jessica simpson baby bumpNot to be outdone by Kim Kardashian's pregnancy news, Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of her pregnant belly this weekend, and dear god in heaven, EXACTLY HOW PREGNANT IS SHE, ANYWAY??? Didn't she just announce her pregnancy a month ago? And she was still losing the Maxwell baby weight right up to that point, so how far along could she be? Four months?

Wow. Some women carry small. Some women carry big. And some women carry Jessica Simpson Huge. But Jessica's all right with that. "Bumpin' and proud!" she tweeted.


This could very well be what Jessica looks like at four months pregnant. Remember how big she got with Maxwell? I swear, we kept thinking she was due any day now and months went by. Whole months! Plus, women typically carry larger after that first baby, especially if they're pregnant soon after. So it's no surprise that she's popped so quickly.

Still, that's some belly. If they don't mind me saying, that's kind of what some of the Stir staffers around here looked at around eight or nine months. I just hope Jessica's later pregnancy is comfortable. Good thing she's delivering before summer! We hope so, anyway.

And hey, she sure does fill out that bikini top well, right? One of the advantages of a bodacious Simpson-style pregnancy. Hey, there's an upside to everything.

Are you surprised to see Jessica's belly look so big already?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Twitter

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