Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Is Sad News for Sister Khloe

By now the whole world has heard the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a little Kimye. Frankly, I wasn't surprised in the slightest. Kim has always been jonesing on babies, and sources have recently said that Kanye is up for it (har) too. But as soon as I heard, I did think about Khloe. After all, she has struggled for years with unsuccessfully trying to have a baby with husband Lamar. What must it be like for Khloe when every Kardashian around her is able to get pregnant with hardly any effort at all?


Let's remember it was Kim who has been most pushy with Khloe about her lack of bun in oven -- desperately trying to get her to take fertility drugs, and even once convincing her to go to a fertility clinic under false pretenses. Khloe has gotten really angry with Kim in the past for this, and has told her flat out that doctors have told her she's fine and she'll conceive when she's ready.

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Khloe's tweets about her sister certainly make her sound ecstatic for Kim -- but what else is she going to say? I'm not saying that Khloe isn't genuinely happy for Kim. I'm sure she's mature enough to put aside her feelings about herself to be happy for her sister. But surely there's some part of her that must feel disappointed that it's not her and Lamar. Who could blame her?

Still, I wouldn't be shocked if eventually Khloe ends up out-birthing the Kardashian klan -- except for maybe uber-fertile Kris Jenner, who's had six kids. I've seen many women struggle with infertility for years only to suddenly begin popping out babies, one right after the other, like a fetus machine. I saw one woman who couldn't have a baby for 10 years suddenly get pregnant three times in a row beginning in her late 30s.

And, of course, Khloe can always try fertility drugs or IVF. Her options are certainly still open. It must be annoying that everyone else in her family can pop 'em out so effortlessly though!

Do you feel sorry for Khloe? Have you ever struggled with infertility?

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