Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Makes for Baby-Naming Fun (VIDEO)

kim kardashian kanye westOh dear. It's official. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are totally having a babyJokes about this being another sign of the end of the world aside, there's a lot of love and happiness exuding from the Kardashian Kamp right now, so I guess there's no harm in being happy for these two krazy kids and their future offspring. In fact, now that it's no longer just a rumor, what better a time to start musing about some baby names?

Because hello, obviously, this kid is going to be crowned with a unique, and most likely cringe-worthy baby name that we can almost guarantee will start with a K. Here, 20 monikers -- you know, other than Kimye -- the parents-to-be could possibly choose ...

  1. Katniss. Maybe they're closet Hunger Games fans and will want their kiddo to be their very own little "girl on fire."
  2. Kanye West, Jr. He's such an egomaniac, let's not be surprised if they just go with this one upon having a boy.
  3. Kim West, Jr. Hey, it could happen!
  4. Kanyeezy/Lil' Yeeze/Yeezy Jr., etc. See #2.
  5. Koko. Hey, Courtney Cox did it with a C. Kim and Kanye could do it with a K.
  6. Kandy. Because, really, why not?
  7. Kennedy. We know at least Kanye's a Democrat, so maybe he'd wanna pay tribute to one of his political heroes? Although we know his biggest is ...
  8. Barack. It ends with a "k," but still, Barack West kinda has a ring to it.
  9. Michelle. If they have a girl and want to pay tribute to the FLOTUS.
  10. Kate. Kim only wishes she was the American version of th similarly expecting Duchess of Cambridge ... and she may wanna pay tribute to her if she has a little girl.
  11. Katherine. Variation on #7.
  12. Kambridge. Another, even more horrible variation on #7 & #8.
  13. Klaudia. For some reason, I could just see this.
  14. Jay (or Shawn). No doubt Kanye's Watch the Throne collaborator and BFF will be the kid's godfather, so why not give him his name, too?
  15. Chikago. Maybe Kanye will want to pay tribute to his hometown? 
  16. Miami. After all, it's likely this baby was conceived while the duo was shooting Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.
  17. Kash. They make a lot of it, after all ...
  18. Kristen. Kim does seem to be quite attached to her mama.
  19. Donda. Now for a serious one. It's actually really likely that if they have a girl, they would skip the "K" nonsense and name their little one after Kanye's mom, who tragically passed away in 2007.
  20. Robert. Similarly, Kim lost her dad in 2003, so if they have a boy, maybe they'll name him in his late grandfather's honor.

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What do you think Kim and Kanye will name their baby?

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