Matthew McConaughey Announces Baby's Name & It's One No One Would Have Guessed

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Camila Alves and Matthew McConaugheyYesterday we heard the happy news that Matthew McConaughey and his lovely wife Camila Alves had welcomed their third baby into the world. There were lovely visions of pink as everyone imagined what a gorgeous little girl she would grow up to be with genetically blessed parents like these. There's just one problem -- they actually had a boy!

Yep, though it was widely reported that their newest addition was a girl, last night Matthew himself took to his whosay page to set the record straight. He said the little guy arrived at 7:43 a.m. on December 28, and "He" weighed in at a not-so-little 9 pounds, and 21 inches. He also announced his name. Any guesses?

It's Livingston Alves McConaughey. He offered no explanation as to why they chose the name, but stated: "Bless up and thank you for your well wishes. Happy New year, and just keep livin, Camila and Matthew McConaughey."

"Keep livin'" -- cute. And if you recall, Matthew and Camilla run the j.k. living foundation that helps children make positive healthy changes in their lives. So it's pretty cool that they seemingly derived their son's name from this important work that they clearly feel passionate about.

It's also a strong and unique name without being bizarre, and I actually really like it. Of course it's also a pretty big name, and where exactly do you go with a nickname? Liv is pretty great one, but with a son already named Levi, 4, that could get a tad confusing. I'm sure they'll figure it out though.

As for sister Vida, almost 3, she gets to remain the sole princess of the family, which isn't a bad title to hold. For all of the craziness that two brothers can bring, there's definitely something to be said for that.

What do you think of Matthew McConaughey's son's name? Are you surprised it's a boy?


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

I have never heard that name before. I don't really like it either but it's not my baby so who cares.

nonmember avatar flood1971

Do you live under a rock?

Torra... TorranceMom

That's not a name I would ever consider for my child. Seagulls come to mind . . .

jalaz77 jalaz77

Too long for me but good for them. It's cute.

Emily... EmilyMelodious

livingston is also a city in texas. doesnt he have roots here?


Like it,a lot!

PonyC... PonyChaser

Maybe they'll call him "Al". Lots of people have big formal first names and choose to use their less formal middle name.

ivego... ivegotrhythm

Pony Chaser, I was thinking the same thing.  My sons name is Edison William and he goes by Will. 

Anyway, I love the name Livingston as a formal name but he does need a more manageable nickname.

missusmc missusmc

They could call him ving.  I'm not cool enough to pull off that nickname, but Matthew mcconaugheys kid certainly will be.

Rosas... RosasMummy

they should have another child called loca


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