Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Announcement Is the PERFECT Christmas News!

Jessica SimpsonWe have all known for weeks that Jessica Simpson was probably pregnant again, but she decided to wait until Christmas Day to reveal it without a doubt. The blond star tweeted a photo of her baby daughter Maxwell Drew sitting on a beach with the words "Big Sis" spelled out in the sand beneath her. Can I get an awww?

For some reason, Simpson's first pregnancy got more attention than Kate Middleton's with questions about her weight gain, her energy level, her relationship, and more swirling around her. This time, the criticism has been no different with many wondering why she is having them so close together. It's none of our business. But what IS our business is the way she announced it.

Simpson is notorious for her holiday announcements. Her divorce from Nick Lachey was announced on Thanksgiving. Her first pregnancy was announced on Halloween. And now this. Many will criticize it, but I, for one, love it.


Many believe that holiday announcements steal the thunder of the holiday. In fact, they do no such thing. It's a perfect time to tell the family.

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Everyone is all together (often), and for some, that can be stressful. A big announcement gives the family something to toast and be joyful about while also affording an opportunity to say it in person.

I announced my first pregnancy over the phone to my family members because we found out in May, which was nowhere near any major holidays. But I found out I was pregnant with my second (just nine months after my first!) the day before Thanksgiving and announced it at the holiday. It was a great thing to tell people and we had a very thankful and happy Thanksgiving day. But it didn't steal the thunder from the bird or anything. We talked about other things and enjoyed each other's company. It just added something special to the day.

So why are people so against it? I don't get it. It's not like there is one right time to do something like this. I like that Simpson is filling her holiday memories with big announcements. Maybe her next one could be an Easter announcement? Perhaps an egg hunt with a positive pregnancy test in the Easter basket?

In all seriousness, it's joyous news on a joyous day. Who doesn't love that?

Congrats to Jessica!

Do you think it's OK to announce a pregnancy on a holiday?


Image via 1035 WEZL/Flickr

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