Jenna Bush Hager's Pregnancy Announcement Includes an Adorable Call From President Bush (VIDEO)

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jenna bush hagerIf you're a Today show fan and have been wondering why correspondent Jenna Bush Hager's looked, perhaps, a little tired and puffy, well, she and her husband Henry have good news -- she's pregnant! Jenna announced this morning on the show that they've kept the baby a secret for a while now and that it's due in the spring, and while they're so excited about their growing family, no one is more thrilled than her parents, President George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

The former President and First Lady called into the morning show, and even if you're not a fan of their politics, it was a very darling, very sweet, and very heartwarming conversation in which Jenna calls President Bush "Popsicle."


Mr. President doesn't seem to think so, though, and would prefer any of his children or grandchildren call him "Sir" or "Jefe", which is Spanish for "boss."

Jenna's baby will be the first grandchild for the family and it's clear the Bush family has been waiting for this good news for a while. They're already planning on having the grandbabies over to "summer camp" at the ranch, and are forthcoming about their plans to spoil them rotten.

Jenna and Henry got married in 2008, and Henry bets Jenna's going to be an "amazing mom," saying her teaching experience has already proven she's fantastic with kids. Aw, these two. So sweet.

Congrats to Jenna, Henry, Mrs. Laura Bush, and Popsicle the President.

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Pinst... Pinstripes4

Squeee! Hopefully the little one can meet his or great grandpa, especially with his health in flux.

gem09... gem092011

That's exciting! So cute!

jessi... jessicasmom1

Congrates to the Bush family

nonmember avatar Kathy

So what, alot of celebraties get pregnant. And it's FORMER President Bush - he is not the President anymore, so quit referring to him as still being one.

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