December 11 Is Most Fertile Day of the Year -- Go for It!

pregnantIf you want to do everything in your power to up your chances of getting pregnant, then you might want to stop whatever it is you're doing right this second, grab your husband, and head straight for the bedroom to have lots and lots of sex today.

Yes -- today, December 11 -- because according to statistics that were put together by a British online sex toy shop, December 11 is the most fertile day of the entire year.


Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering how exactly they settled on December 11 as the most likely day of the year to conceive a baby.

Well, it turns out September 16 is the most popular birthday in the U.K., and if you count back nine months, that means quite a few people were doing the dirty on December 11. (Hmm. September 16 is my grandfather's birthday. Guess I know what his parents were doing before Christmas back in 1920. Gross.)

December 11 seems like such a random date though, so what exactly makes today different than any other day of the year as far as getting preggers goes?

My guess is there's something about today's date that contributes to more people having sex, which in turn leads to more babies. Maybe it's because temperatures are colder and couples are trying to warm up? Or maybe it's because we're a couple weeks away from Christmas and everyone is in a more loving mood than usual.

Or maybe, just maybe, there's some sort of weird magnetic force in the universe that makes women's ovaries work overtime on this particular day of the year. (Who knows?)

Whatever the case may be, it certainly can't hurt couples who are trying to conceive to put this theory to the test. If nothing else, it's a great excuse to forgo other activities in favor of having sex, right?

Why do you think December 11 is such a fertile day?


Image via mbaylor/Flickr

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