Prince William Cancels Royal Duties to Be With Kate, Showing He's an Awesome Dad Already

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prince william kate middletonAs if you had one shred of a doubt that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, would make an amazing father, here's proof: He canceled a public appearance after Kate Middleton was hospitalized again for acute morning sickness. Originally, his plan was to carry on with royal engagements over the weekend sans the Duchess, but at the last minute, he decided to nix them in favor of staying by Kate's side. I know what you're thinking right now, and I'm thinking it too: Awwwwwww!!!

Instead of going forth with all of his original plans, Wills attended one gala over the weekend -- a gala that aided his charity, Centrepoint. And it was there that he adorably stated: "I don’t know why they call it morning sickness -- they should call it all day and all night sickness. It’s a long old process but she is getting there. She feels like it is going to go on forever." Oh, Wills. I didn't think it was possible for you to get any dreamier, but, alas, you've proven me wrong.

As most women know, having a supportive -- flexible -- partner during pregnancy is one of the most important things. Obviously, being able to opt out of work engagements constantly isn't the most feasible thing in the world -- and no, life doesn't stop when you're pregnant -- but it's important to know how and when to pick and choose. (And please, dudes, always keep your phones on!)

My husband wasn't able to attend every doctor's appointment with me when I was pregnant, because of work -- nor did I expect him to. But he was always there at the "important" times (i.e., when we found out the sex; that time I was [wrongly] convinced I was in labor). That, and just knowing that he'd be there if I really needed him, was the perfect amount of support.

Wills clearly isn't going to get out of any and all royal duties over the next few months -- he's going to have to pick and choose. And if his canceling things this past weekend to be with Kate is any indication of how he fares in the "deciding what's important" department, he's going to be a fantastic partner and an even-better dad.

How was your partner during your pregnancy?


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Katie Hesney Johnson

Poor Catherine, I can only imagine how she is feeling. It's so good to see that William is going to be by her side. Aside from being in the public spotlight, they seem like a very normal couple, and it's very refreshing. 

My DH was there for me whenever he could. Sea duty took him away quite a bit and him being there for the birth was questionable, as well! But he was there, and we had a very happy experience, and it's carried on as our daughter has grown up, he's been an amazing father. 


Get well soon, Duchess! 

Owlto... Owltotemmom

I suffered thru 2 pregnancies with hyperemisis as well...

My anesthesiologist said, I was her hero.. I went undiagnosed with my first baby, and then my midwife finally gave a name for my condition in my second pregnancy..

I was sick for the entire 9 months.. Day and night...

I also worked during that time(don't know sometimes how I managed)..

My husband was pretty much helpless in helping me, as I couldn't keep anything down, and was always nauseated...

One night he made a midnight run to 2 different stores to find me marionberry muffins.. Which for some reason, I was craving...

I managed to hold them down for a half hour...

Believe it or not, we even had a "vomit kit", in our car, that consisted of..

Plastic bags to throw up in, baby wipes to clean myself up with afterword.. A jar of peanut butter (as I could keep a spoonful down for an hour or so, and keep from crashing... And bottles of water...

I was never hospitalized, although I was close a couple of times...

Kate is damn lucky to have this option, as well as the support of her husband, and the medical community...

I delivered both my daughters, each at at nine pounds, six ounces.... And no complications during the birth...

I wish Kate and will the best success during this pregnancy... Their gonna need it, and extra barf bags:)

Aimee Dryden

I suffered the severe form of hyperemesis gravidarium during my last pregnancy until the day AFTER he was born, nausea/vomiting 21 hours a day...multiple hospitalizations/home health care, central line insertion, weighed 4 lbs. less at time of delivery than during first OB visit, etc. We were finally induced 2 weeks early due to another 2 lb. loss...he weighed in at 6 lb. 11 oz. His dad handled it as well as we could have expected, considering there was really nothing he could do. And it does feel like it's going to go on just have to keep focused on the facts. It won't be forever, and when you look in your baby's eyes, it won't matter either. :)

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