6 Weirdest Places Women Have Given Birth

bear at zooTalk about being born wild. On Friday a woman gave birth to a baby girl at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, just around the corner from the bear exhibit.

According to the Post-Standard, one minute she was enjoying the animals, and the next she went into labor. Zoo worker Liz Schmidt was working in the reindeer exhibit when she got the call that help was needed. She said she thought that they'd put the woman in a wheelchair and get her to the hospital, but the baby was ready to make her arrival


Fortunately Schmidt was trained in first aid and delivering babies, and with the help of other zoo employees, she delivered the baby. At first she wasn't crying, which was no doubt concerning, but the mother and baby were then transported to the hospital. For privacy reasons, the identity of the mother hasn't been released nor is there any update on their condition, but hopefully they're doing well and will enjoy telling their amazing birth story for years to come. I'm dying to know what name they chose and if they incorporated her unusual birth into it.

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This year it seems has been filled with a flurry of unexpected births in bizarre places. Birth plans mean nothing sometimes when Mother Nature decides it's her plan instead. For example:

There was the woman who gave birth in the lobby of a jailhouse.

A woman in France gave birth at her own wedding -- right in the back of the town hall where they wed.

In one of the most frightening cases was a woman who gave birth to a baby boy on a New York subway. By herself. In the middle of the night. Crazy!

A NASCAR track was the birthplace for one baby girl who was then gifted race tickets for life.

And finally, there was the woman who gave birth in an elevator AFTER the hospital sent her home, saying she wasn't quite ready. Guess she proved them wrong.

In most, if not all of these cases, the babies and mothers were fine after these unexpected births. So while terrifying at the time I'm sure, they're also reassuring to some degree in that they show our bodies know what to do when it comes to having babies no matter where we are.

What's the strangest place you've ever heard of anyone giving birth?


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