The 12 Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2012 Are Hilariously Awful

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babyWe've all looked through the top 200 baby names of 2012, and some of us have perused the top 20 pet names of 2012, but there's a new, really awesome list that you have to read, like, now. Nameberry just released their picks for the top 12 most outrageous baby names of 2012, and lord, are they somethin'. 

Take a look at what some parents decided would make wonderfully original monikers for their little bundles of joy, and judge, judge, judge away. Oh, and if you happen to be one of these nutty parents doling out nutty names, well, please explain yourself in the comments. (I'm looking at you, Uma.)

  1. Blue. Yep, Blue Ivy Carter is the Blue they're referring to, and for what it's worth, we might be seeing Blue all over the place pretty soon -- Jay-Z and Beyonce were denied a trademark.
  2. Katniss. Nameberry says this was the most-viewed and clicked-on name suggestion on their site, and it doesn't take a giant leap to assume at least one of these parents pulled the trigger and named their little girl after The Hunger Games heroine.
  3. Hashtag. These parents probably really liked trending topics on Twitter, and thus, baby Hashtag Johnson was born.
  4. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Uma Thurman waited three months to publicly announce her daughter's name, and you can see why. 
  5. Zamzam. The Somali Olympian who refused to give up her religious fasting ritual inspired a lot of people, even though she came in dead last on the track. 
  6. Maxwell. I kind of like this name for a girl, but I guess some people weren't really a fan of Jessica Simpson's daughter's name.
  7. Beretta. Bristol Palin's baby daddy Levi named his daughter with Sunny Oglesby Breeze Beretta Johnston. Beretta. As in the gun.
  8. Kingsolomon. There were reportedly five boys named Kingsolomon this year, and I'm now considering Duchesskatemiddleton for my first born.
  9. Vanellope. Naming your kid after a Disney princess can be tricky, and this Wreck It Ralph name is probably the trickiest. Maybe stick with Mulan next time?
  10. Mykale and Linzi. Can I get an AMEN? Kray-zee spellings of traditional names like Michael and Lindsay made their way onto some most-popular lists this year, which, as a Lindsay, is just down-right blasphemous. Er, I guess, blazzzzfahmuzz. Ugh.
  11. Sabbath. Hard-core rocker Zakk Wylde, who's touring with Ozzy Osbourne's band Black Sabbath, decided to pay homage to the death metal group with this unusual name.
  12. Kick. Jeremy Sisto is apparently on Law & Order, but he'll forever be the Cranberry CD-losing rich kid from Clueless to me. Anyway, he named his son Bastian Kick, after looking in the dictionary for a name that wasn't a name. Clever.

There you have it -- Nameberry's most outrageous names of 2012!

What do you think of some of these names? Have any to add or subtract from the list?


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tuffy... tuffymama

I have a friend with a BEAUTIFUL daughter with a very hated name. Total strangers make fun if the name and my friend for naming her daughter that. It makes my heart hurt for both of them. It's a name, at least, and there is a very good reason for it. That kind of bullying by other moms makes me so angry. I do wonder at the people who name their kids things like Hashtag, though. Were they stoned?

amiec... amiecanflie

Tuffymama, what's the name? I'm kind of curious. Worst name I've seen in person is a mom who named her daughter k'lee. Pronounce Kaylee. o.O 

Foley... Foleygirl24

My husband came across someone who named their twins Orangejello and Lemonjello (pronounced o-ron-ji-lo and li-mon-ji-lo). And there are a bunch of little Shitheads running around too (but pronounced shi-theed). Makes you think some parents do this to their kids on purpose.

Blues... Blueshark77

I don't think Blue is that bad. Some bad ones I've seen from my days working at a pediatric clinic were twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello (can't believe there's more than one set, Foleygirl!), Dorcus, Bushrod, and Shithead (pronouced Shi-thade). My dad also had a student named Latrine.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

I swear I should have met at least one Lemonjello, Orangejello , Shithead, La-a or Female based on the number of people online who 'know of' people with these names.

lovem... lovemyson1224

I agree with you reepicheep. I hear people say that all the time and yet I've never met one.

tiffa... tiffanydearing

my cousin named her son Lord Labirynth..... I think that tops them all?!?!?

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Ran a daycare from my home years back. I had a Cannon (boy) Echo (girl) a set of twins named Copy and Coffee (girls, and I shit you not) and a girl named Crimson Sunrise (and you said both names together... it wasn't just Crimson alone.) I had a Gates (boy) and a Fawn (girl) who were siblings.

Copy and Coffee had additional older siblings.. I think 7 altogether. I wish could remember the nnames of the others... as they were equally bat-shit crazy. I remember one other brother named Cruise.

Samantha Megan Scott

I knew a family who named their daughter Kyle (pronounced as Kylie) and then were baffled when doctors offices and such always expecgted Kyle to be a boy. 

We have some unusual names in my family, my sister and I collectively have a Wren, a Harper, a Brendalynn, a Nikolas (not all that unusual but an odd spelling I admit), a Hannelore, and a Gideon. Nothing too crazy but they rarely meet others with their names. i also know a NevaeH-Faith (yes both names are her first name, and yes the H must be capitalized) 


Eversnow Eversnow

I don't mind Blue. Nolanzo, I think i'm a little batshit myself because I actually liked three of the names you said! (Crimson, Fawn, Echo) The most ludacris name I have ever heard in person is, I shit you not, " Urinea" pronounce You-wren-uh. 

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