Kate Middleton Can't Have a Private Pregnancy -- That's Not the Way the World Works

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prince william and kateI feel for Kate Middleton. I truly do. It's hard having your every move watched by almost every single person in the world. That's not an easy life. That said, it's a life she chose. It is no secret that there is a rabid fascination with the Royals -- the British monarchy especially. As soon as she and Prince William wed, fans were on bump watch. They couldn't wait for the pair to produce an heir. Now that she's finally pregnant, it's only natural people would try to pry into every detail of each trimester. Is it right? Is it fair? No, not ethically as far as I am concerned, but look, folks, that is the life of a public figure.

It's a fact of law that celebs do not have the same rights to privacy as the rest of us. That is one of the costs to being adored by millions. Of course there are instances where fans, and especially the press, can take things too far. The recent stunt those Australian DJs pulled while Kate was in the hospital for extreme morning sickness has gotten a lot of backlash. And now it seems the poor duped receptionist who patched them through to Kate's room (she thought it was the Queen calling) may have killed herself. It's a tragic end to a very bad joke, but there is no way anyone could have seen that coming. That doesn't mean people will stop being interested in what happens behind the Duchess' hospital curtain.

I have worked for two national publications that specialized in unearthing details stars would much rather keep quiet. But if readers didn't want to know all those details -- even the really seedy, sordid ones -- magazines and blogs wouldn't print them. It's called supply and demand. The world doesn't curtail their desperate need to know just because someone is pregnant. That actually ups the ante.

The pregnancy begs so many new questions that surely Kate and the Palace would rather no one ask. But it's one of the most intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpses you can get: What is it like to carry the heir to the throne? What will her pregnancy wardrobe look like? How will she cope with morning sickness, gas, swollen feet, etc.? Will she have a natural delivery? People who want private lives don't become celebrities or marry into generations of them. Sorry Kate. I hate this is causing you distress during your pregnancy -- no mother wants that. But this is the consequence of life in the spotlight.

Do you think people should leave Kate alone now that she is pregnant?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Agree completely Ericka. While some things do get taken too far, I do not pity Kate for the most part. She knowingly became a public figure and has a life that billions can only dream of. This is part of the price tag.

Todd Vrancic

I see your point, but there should be limits.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

For goodness sakes, her name is NO LONGER KATE MIDDLETON. Why do all of the stir writers keep posting her maiden name? She's been married for WELL over a year now, get your acts together.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Why do we care? God this is going to be a long pregnancy, thank you The Stir!! People are obsessed with the royal family and I don't get it.

Litgirl7 Litgirl7

It's not 'only natural' that people want to know. Lots of us could care less! I just don't invest in people I don't know, or people who have zero investment in me! What's the point? Sure, It's good for them, but what do I get out of it? She's having a baby....it's been done!


I wasn't aware that she thought her pregnancy would be a private affair what with being married to the future king and all and carrying the future heir to the throne. However I don't think she'll have to put up with strangers patting her belly.And Middleton?Really?How long and how many children will it take for you to stop calling her Middleton?

Courtney Puzzo

it's natural to revert to calling  a married woman her maiden name especially if she's establised by it. even public figures should get to have their early months of pregnancy be private

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