Jessica Simpson's Second Pregnancy Isn't Happy News for Everyone Involved

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jessica simpsonWhile Jessica Simpson celebrates her second pregnancy and likely muses with fiance Eric Johnson about how their next kiddo will be born around the same time as the Royal Baby, and she should befriend the Duchess and go to pregnant yoga together or something, gossiphounds are noting that Jess's old friend, Weight Watchers, is fuming. Remember when the news broke and they were dead silent? Yeah, apparently, that was a sign they're not too happy about their latest spokeswoman slimming down, then immediately getting preggers again. 

A source told Us Weekly that WW execs are "furious at Jessica. She was already on thin ice with them since she didn’t lose enough for the first ad, when they had to shoot from the waist up." And although Simpson's rep has denied it, there was buzz that the weight loss company may not even AIR the commercial featuring her full-body shot, because, "No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting." Wow.

Doesn't that strike you as just a wee bit reactionary and ridiculous? It's not like people don't realize the dieting was going on and the commercial was filmed prior to Jess learning that she was pregnant again. What's more, this second pregnancy shouldn't negate her post-baby weight loss success. It's not like she can't still attest to having dropped nearly 70 pounds (!!!) of post-Baby Maxwell weight on the plan. Which makes her even more fit and healthy and ready to have Baby #2. (How's that for a great marketing spin they could and totally should use?!)

And to the point that they were supposedly outraged that they had to shoot her from the chest up for that first commercial -- and that people were confused by that -- ugh. Get over it. So she wasn't dropping pounds as lickety-split quick as they would have liked. Oh well. She STILL did it. On her own timeframe. And now she's gotten pregnant -- on her own timeframe.

Weight loss and pregnancy are two incredibly personal health situations that cannot be pre-scheduled or dictated. As much as media and weight loss companies would love us to believe otherwise, we all lose weight at a different pace and in a different way. And we can plan our pregnancies whenever we please or end up surprise pregnant. But as Jess has said, it was a very happy surprise for her and Eric, and that's just too bad that the timing doesn't pair up perfectly with her contract. As Jess tweeted the other day:

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.

Sounds like good advice for anyone trying to force a woman to squeeze her personal health into their arbitrary deadlines and black out dates.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson's second pregnancy in relation to her WW contract?


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Miriam Kennedy

Doesn't  WW have a pregnant program? They should. There are a lot of women who could do well to get a little help keeping their weight gain under control. You need to eat well during pregnancy - but you don't need to overeat, or eat junk. 

Lovex23 Lovex23

Yes they should do a pregnancy program then they could use Jessica to launch it instead of being so negative! I don't believe in having a weight goal during pregnancy though. If she gains 70 lbs OK who cares. I know many people who ate well but still gained a good amount. I ate crap with my first and only gained 30lbs. This pregnancy I've been eating healthy and so far I've put on 15 but I'm sure ill be close to 30 towards the end. Everyone's body handles pregnancy different. Now ww could help her lose the next baby weight and that is a true test lol. I had more trouble the second time around!

purvi... purvislets

"Weight loss and pregnancy are two incredibly personal health situations"

I totally agree.  However, Jessica has chosen to live her life in the public eye and signed a contract with WW.  While I do think they could be more understanding of her current situation she also has to understand that now they've paid money for a spokesperson who won't be able to be in any ads for at least 8-9 months.

dirti... dirtiekittie

unless her contract specifically says "You cannot get pregnant or gain x amount of weight during this contract's duration" then WW can just get over themselves. who knows, it could have been a complete surprise pregnancy. but rather than get all butthurt over it, they should embrace her and try to find a way to find a happy medium for everyone. 

lulou lulou

I see this as an opportunity for a diet company to focus on healthy eating during pregnancy and for the baby.  But Im assuming the meals make them money and are totally processed and filled with additives, so instead of being able to focus on healthy food choices, maybe there concern here is that the toxicity of those chemicals will be highlighted.


Now that I think about it, why did ww shoot her from the chin up?Everyone else was shot full body so you can have a good before and after;anyway ww paid her good money,it's a business.I remember when Fergie was their spokes person she was under contract that she could not gain a certain amount of weight. I don't know if that's still in their contracts,but I could understand if it was.

Carmen Ruth

I didn't realize that Weight Watchers had the right to dictate when a woman could get pregnant.  They need to get over themselves. 

MomLi... MomLily67

WW should hot say anything publicly about this issue. if a contract has been breached, then it should be a private matter between lawyers.

Jessica beeing pregnant again is no one's bussiness but hers and her husband's.

lasombrs lasombrs

did her contract say she couldn't?

wamom223 wamom223

Weight watcher's does have a program for pregnant women.  My friend did it and she loved it.  I agree with the previous posters that they should use this opportunity to focus on healthy eating during pregnancy.  I think they should either find a way to deal with it or get over it.  I would be surprised to hear there was something in her contract about not getting pregnant.

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