Chinese Moms Birthing 'Anchor Babies' in the USA Are Good Mothers

Pregnant Chinese womanResidents of one Southern California suburb are mad as hell about "anchor babies" and they are not going to take any more. They are standing united in protest against a hilltop home that they believe is serving as a maternity center for Chinese mothers who are paying thousands of dollars, to give birth to their babies here in the United States.

An "anchor baby" is a baby born to non-American citizens in the United States in order to gain American citizenship. It is a practice that infuriates many, including the residents of this California town where many of these mothers live until they give birth.


The pregnant Chinese women have come here legally on tourist visas, and will remain until they give birth. It's easy to see why people are upset. But, as a mom, I feel differently. After all, what mom doesn't want the best for her child?

I'd be willing to bet that most people would be willing to leave everything they knew and everyone they loved just to give birth in a place that would provide a better life for their child. Isn't that what every mother wants?

If your child were destined to be born in a country that kills its female babies or in a country so war torn that they only had a 25 percent chance of surviving to adulthood, wouldn't you try to get them somewhere safe?

If you knew the only way your child had a chance at a life free from terror, fatal poverty or even a fighting chance at survival, wouldn’t you go through hell and high water to get to a place where their life could be spared?

I don’t know for sure that “anchor babies” are why these women are staying in this hilltop hotel but, really, would it be so wrong? We can’t fault another mother for wanting the exact same life for her children that we want for ours.

I would do anything and everything to make sure that my children had all the good that the world had to offer, no matter the sacrifice. Even if it meant leaving my life behind. I would do that for my children. These women would, too. Can we fault them for that?

What lengths would you be willing to go to in make sure that your child is safe?


Image via Eden in China/Flickr 


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