5 Morning Sickness Cures That Will Have You Feeling Like Your Old Self

5 Morning Sickness Cures That Will Have You Feeling Like Your Old Self

pregnant bellyMorning sickness. It can happen to anyone. Just ask Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who's currently in the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness). Although you're getting a seriously good prize at the end of those nine months, hovering over a toilet bowl -- hell, even mild queasiness -- is no walk in the park. But there are some cures that can help you out a bit. If you're currently pregnant, and experiencing normal morning sickness, try one of these remedies. And hey, congrats.


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  • Lemonade



    Not so bad, right? According to Rachel Albaum, a registered dietitian, "Lemon is considered to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which is 'calming' on the body. The yellow citrus fruit is ideal to use in the treatment of gas, bloating, and nausea -- all common symptoms that occur during early pregnancy."

    Works for us!

  • Sea Bands


    These actually worked for me while I was pregnant. Granted, I didn't have major morning sickness, but I found the gentle pressure to be rather soothing.

  • Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum


    I actually used this, as well -- and have chewed it when sitting in the back of a car during a bumpy ride. It won't "cure" you forever, but in a pinch, it does the trick.

  • Um, Semen


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    I know, it's crazy. But According to psychologist Gordon Gallup, the best way to cure and prevent morning sickness is to ingest some semen -- either orally or vaginally.

    Husbands rejoice.

  • Preggie Pops


    Sometimes, when you feel nauseated, the only thing remotely appealing is a lollipop. Enter the all-natural Preggie Pop. They come in delicious, soothing flavors like peppermint, lavender, spearmint, sour lemon, ginger, sour tangerine, and sour raspberry. May not think they're a necessary purchase now, but when you're making a beeline for the bathroom, you'll probably be glad you have them on hand.

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