Amber Rose 'Nude' Pregnancy Pic Is Better Than Most


Amber RoseIf you're a celebrity and you get pregnant, it seems like part of the deal these days that you must pose naked for pictures then share them with the world. From Sienna Miller who recently posed REALLY nude to Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller who is currently making waves for her buff shots in Allure, it's the thing to do. So, of course, Amber Rose, who is currently pregnant with rapper Wiz Khalifa's baby, had to join in the fun. And boy did she ever join in.

This weekend, at seven months pregnant, Kanye West's ex took to Twitter to share some pictures of her growing belly with her 1.4 million followers. And even though we've seen plenty of nude pregnancy pictures, this one seems especially revealing and shocking, right? But there's one little thing that actually saves it from being pregnancy porn material.

A pair of shorts! After posting the picture, she tweeted, "I swear I have shorts on in this pic but my belly is so big u can't see them Lol." And that makes the whole thing just kind of hilarious and lovely. 

I'm sure they were tiny shorts, but still I can totally see how that would happen. She's shown us more than plenty of herself before, so I'm glad she's keeping it classy (ish) in pregnancy. It may be one of my favorite "nude" pregnancy shots I've seen in a long time. In general, I'm not a big fan of nude pregnancy pics. Or rather, I'm a fan of taking them if that's your thing, I just think sharing them with the world is a little much. But this is cute.

Overall, pregnancy seems to be suiting her well. She looks radiant and seems incredibly happy. She says she's following a vegetarian diet, and is eating well. She tweeted Sunday, "I really want Oreos before I go to bed.... But I'm gonna eat some grapes instead its so hard 2 have self control while preggos."

I can't wait to see her and Wiz as parents.

What do you think of Amber Rose's "nude" pregnancy picture?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar jaide

Yep. This is how my pictures look too if I take one right now. Belly completely covers the shorts lol

cecil... cecillesmommy

I think it's really nice even if she didnt have on shorts. You can't see anything, and her pretty belly is the focus. I like it!

Lizzy... Lizzys_mommy13

I don't think it's a big deal. You can't see anything in it at all. If she had posted a picture of her baring all, I would say that is a bit over done. BUT what can you see really? A belly and some legs... 

nonmember avatar Mouawad Girgis

To me I think that pregnant women are more sexier

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