'Hashtag' Is Just the Beginning of Ridiculous Technology-Inspired Baby Name Trend

AppleRemember last week when we learned that some crazy parents named their new baby Hashtag Jameson? Well, it turns out the little guy just may not stand out so much after all, as it seems parents everywhere are picking similarly screwed-up names for their kids.

Last week BabyCenter released its list of Most Popular Baby Names. The Top 10 was relatively "normal" with Sophia topping the girls' list, and Aiden topping the boys. It was the names that didn't make the list, but are making a move on the charts, however, which are most concerning of all.

It seems Hashtag's parents aren't alone in wanting to pay homage to technology. And instead of wanting to honor long-lost relatives, there seems to be a whole slew of parents want to name their children after electronic gadgets. Scary, but true. 


The site reports that the name Apple rose 15 percent for girls and climbed 585 spots. It's rising quickly for boys too! Now I suppose Gwyneth Paltrow could have something to do it with it, but the site seems to think it's people's loyalty to their electric devices that's fueling the fad. And let's face it, a lot more people like the company that gives them iPods than the actress who gives us "Goop".

Other techie names climbing include Mac, which jumped 12 percent. If only they'd add that final "K" it would be adorable, but naming your kid after a computer ... not so much. Excel for a boy is also on the rise. And perhaps most disturbing of all, people are naming their kids Siri. Yes, as in that voice-activated personal assistant. It's risen 5 percent for girls, and I can just hear the confusion that's going to cause down the line.

There is some good news, however. According to The Atlantic, use of the name Google has gone down dramatically. So there's at least that.

As insane as these names sound and as much as you want to berate their parents for burdening them with such nonsensical nomenclature, the fact is we just need to face it: We're becoming a nation of people with stupid names. People so badly want to be unique that they're willing to name their kids almost anything.

The funny/sad thing is that all of these "unique" names aren't going to be so unique anymore when the whole class is filled with Hashtags, Siris, and Apples. Then little Johnny is going to be the one who stands out. 

There is an upside to all of these crazy baby names, however. As these children age and start dating at least their future mates will get some pretty strong insight into the kind of in-laws they may get from the get go.

What do you think of these technology-inspired names?


Image via aditza121/Flickr

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