Twins Fighting in Womb Shows Sibling Rivalry Starts Really Early (VIDEO)

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twins fighting in womb

Have you ever wondered if twin babies are aware of the other's presence while still in the womb? You know -- have you ever been the least bit curious as to whether they interact in there?

Well, based on a new MRI technique that shows a video image of twin fetuses basically fighting each other for highly coveted space in their mother's womb, it looks as though siblings may give each other a hard time much earlier than we ever expected.

This new "cinematic MRI" was actually developed in the hopes of helping doctors diagnose a condition called Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), where one twin siphons blood away from the other, depriving him/her of nutrition.

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The condition only affects identical twins, and while it can be detected from an ultrasound, the extent of its impact can't be determined -- and that's where these new MRI scans can help.

But in addition to offering insight into TTTS, the scans also give an amazing glimpse into how twins treat each other in utero. Here's the clip of the twin "fighters" -- it's pretty cool!

Wow, these two little ones definitely seemed to be competing for space, didn't they?

It's pretty cute how they kept kicking each other, though I guess we'll never really know whether twins simply try to get comfy in the womb or actually realize there's another baby in there with them.

I have dear friends who are twins, and one of them always jokes that the other tried to kill her during birth because her umbilical cord was in her sibling's hand -- and wrapped around her neck. That story is always good for a laugh, but now it's hard not to wonder if they were "duking it out" long before it was time for delivery.

Do you think twins "interact" in the womb?




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Tiffany L. Davis

I have twins and they def. faught while they were in the womb. I thought it was a war in there!

Trina... Trina.mhmm

That actually looked kinda gross and painful!

MrS.G... MrS.GiFFord

That doesnt surprise me...if I put a remote on my belly the baby will kick it off. lol

Jaime Swift Sundin

I dont think that their fighting persay but the one on the right looks way smaller then the other one.

Ethan... EthansMomma129

yes. twins know the other one is in there. My little guys used to poke one at a time back and forth like they were playing a game. 


melis... meliscool72

I think they interact in the womb, if not, it wouldn't be as amazing as how twins can relate to eachother a lot better than regular siblings.

krist... kristaleigh84

my twins were constantly in each others space, lol and I knew it one would kick and the other would respond, it would go on FOR could see it happening on a regular U/S too.

LolitaP LolitaP

I think they are playing! 

Ashley Ann Marie Briggs

The one is probably like, "Hey, its my turn to sit up.  Move!!"

susie... susieq1642

just like in the Bible, Esaau & Jacob

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