All Parents Should Wait a Week After Birth to Name Baby

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newbornThe process of naming babies is often a long one that sometimes starts when you're just a kid yourself and romanticizing having babies. My kid's name would be Laurie if I went with that name. Then you meet a guy, want to make a zillion wee ones with him and you start chatting names. My kid's name would be Ottoif we went with that name.

Then you get pregnant and there are tons of names you throw around, vetoing each other's choices until you narrow it down. Often this name is chosen before baby is born. But I'm thinking maybe we should all slow it down a bit and wait to name baby until a week or so after birth. That's what Wonder Years actor Fred Savage did.

Savage told US Weekly: "We started this really tough thing for ourselves where we just left the hospital with no names and wanted to live with the baby for a little while."

They did have some names in mind so they did have a head start. But it makes sense. Sure, we live with baby in the belly for about nine months, but once you meet your little bundle, that's when you really start to know so much more about them. Maybe there is something to waiting. You won't be able to get the monogrammed blanket at your baby shower, but you'll have plenty of time for that after.

My husband and I were between the names Calliope and Penelope for our daughter. Similar names, yes. But Penelope turned out to be the name, and it did suit her better once she was born and we got to see her in the flesh.

Why are we in such a rush to give a name? If you know the name and have no double, then yes, go with it. But if you are uncertain, why not just wait. The birth certificate can be filed later. And if the hospital gives you any trouble, I think there are ways around it. We shouldn't be pressured to name baby before we're ready.

What do you think? Should you wait a few days or more to name your newborn? Did you?


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Gypsy... GypsyMa76

Calliope is a great name, I tried to name my daughter that but my husband refused :( so instead we got Bridie Mae & it suits her. I think that I knew it when I saw her I knew her name was Bridie but if you need more time to be confident that it's the right one, take it. 

nonmember avatar Rachel

I love the name Penelope. It's been my top baby name for years. My hubby doesn't like it though, but I keep asking him if he's changed his mind yet. I think if I ask 100 more times, he might finally say yes. ...Now we better have a girl.

Badge83 Badge83

Our daughter's name is Laila, and we joke that she named herself! See, I'm a big Eric Clapton fan and would often rock out in the car listening to "Layla". I don't know if it was the awesome guitar intro or what, but every time it came on, my bump would start to move. Out of curiosity we tried different "name" songs and surprisingly, no reaction. So, she became Laila and it totally suits her.

Megan Johnson

I know Misha Collins did the same when he and his wife just recently had their second child.  They waited almost two weeks to name the baby girl. :)

Cathinka Norløff-Mathisen

My brother got his name after my parents looked at him and each other and declared  "He looks like a Fredrik". Before that they had no idea what to call him, no names picked out. 

Blues... Blueshark77

I always thought I would name my daughter Layla because of the Clapton song too, Badge83! My partner and I were agreed on it before I became pregnant, but changed our minds after someone suggested the name River. We both are happiest around or in water so it clicked for us. Rain would be another water name that would suit her since after my glucose test she was really still for about 36 hours, and my guy put on Led Zepplin's The Rain Song and she started jumping around. 

Senia... Seniahmom

I rushed my second child's naming. There were minor complications after birth that required him to be taken for monitoring of his breathing a few hours and I didn't want him to leave me without a name. I felt they needed something to call him. It stuck but it was not the name I would have chosen had I been a but more rational

nonmember avatar Laura

My dog is named Calliope (but we call her Callie) and my kitty is Penelope!

Amanda Marie Mahrling

I named my DD Emily. She's 4 now, and I still don't think it fits her....

nikki... nikkivolkov

It took us months to decide on Keira Mae. I'm not sure waiting would have been the way to go as I was on painmeds and we were both very sleep deprived for weeks after the birth. I'm glad we chose before she was born. Her name actually suits her well and I don't think any other would have been right. Sometimes you just know.

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