Jennifer Lopez Is Pregnant! Probably, Maybe, Who Knows

jennifer lopezStart sewing those little booties now because 2013 is going to be one hell of a year for babies. Kate Middleton's going to give birth, same with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and now, Jennifer Lopez. (I had to leave Jessica Simpson off the list because judging from her last pregnancy, she's not giving birth for 16 more months.) Sure, these aren't "confirmed" and no one's officially "announced" that they're expecting, but come on, since when did that stop speculation?

J. Lo's name was just thrown into the pregnant pot by OK! magazine because her stomach, you see, has softened.


"A big giveaway is her abs," claims a reported insider. "They’re usually rock-hard, but there’s an obvious bump there now."

Is that bump the button of her jeans? Is it the sash of her coat tied into a bow over her stomach? Is it that her abs didn't get softer, but instead morphed into one giant, ultimate ab that protrudes even farther?

Because I don't see no baby bump.

Regardless, if you're to believe the rumors, Casper Smart is excited about being a daddy and J. Lo, at 43, can't wait to give twins Emme and Max a younger, better dancing sibling.

To be honest, for some reason I'm not thrilled about the idea of Jennifer and Casper procreating -- I just feel like if ever there was a couple to spawn, it was Bennifer. Even though that dream's been dead for years, I'm still not over it.

Gigli 4ever.

Do you think J. Lo's pregnant?


Photo via Splash News

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