Hilary Duff's Skinny Post-Baby Body Is Definitely Something to Brag About

Hilary DuffShe may be a lot younger than me, but I've been able to relate to Hilary Duff so well ever since she welcomed her son, Luca, back in March. And it's not just because we're both moms or because we're both "boy" moms -- it's because she didn't shed all of her pregnancy weight as quickly as a lot of other celebrity moms do.

Nope, Hilary actually had to work hard for those pounds to come off just like most of us do, and I've been so impressed with her positive attitude about taking the weight off slowly and not stressing out too much over it.

And that's why when Hilary bragged on Twitter about being able to fit into her size 26 skinny jeans again (the equivalent of a size 2), I honestly wanted to stand up and cheer for her -- because I know just how good it feels to achieve your post-baby weight loss goal.


Even after gaining around 50 pounds with my son, I still assumed I'd probably take it off within the first six months after his birth, because I credited most of my weight gain to a lot of excess fluid. (What a dummy I was.)

The first 20 pounds came off pretty quick, but to say the last 30 were a real bitch to lose is the understatement of the year. I had to work my butt off to get rid of each and every single pound by cleaning up my diet and working out for an hour or more at least six days a week. (Yes, it was a total pain.)

But about nine months later, I went into my closet and grabbed my tiniest pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans (which weren't quite as small as Hilary's), and when they slipped over my hips and buttoned without me having to suck in one bit -- I literally broke down in tears.

I was SO proud of myself for how hard I'd worked to get back into those jeans, and I wanted to shout the fact that I was wearing them again from the rooftops. (Sigh. If only I'd had a Facebook account at that point in time. And if only those darn jeans still fit me today.)

With that being said, I'd like to offer Hilary the round of applause she deserves, and tell her to go ahead and brag about those size 26 jeans all she wants. (You earned it, sweetie!)

Do you have a certain piece of clothing to use as a post-baby weight loss goal?


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