Getting a Flu Shot During Pregnancy Could Be a Matter of Life & Death (VIDEO)

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flu shotDuring your pregnancy, it's important to follow your doctor's orders to ensure that you're doing everything possible to maintain your own health -- and the health of your baby.

And now that the World Health Organization is saying that pregnant women should be given top priority for flu vaccinations, the question over whether or not to get one really shouldn't be an issue anymore.

You HAVE to.

It's fairly common knowledge that when you're pregnant, your immune system is down, so it's tougher to fight off viruses and infections should you become sick.

According to Dr. Jon Abramson, a pediatrician at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, when it comes to pregnant women and the flu, "They're not more likely to get it, but if they get it, they're more likely to have severe morbidity or actually die from it."

(Yeah, that's not good.)

He also added:

When the immune system is down, the mother's body can't fight the flu off as easily. It can then escalate and result in pneumonia and other health problems. Even if the flu doesn't result in hospitalization, the baby is more likely to have a low birth weight or be born premature, especially if the mother gets the flu in the third trimester.

And if you still aren't too concerned after hearing the warnings because you figure you're healthy as a horse and your baby will be just fine even if you get the flu -- you'll probably change your mind after hearing what happened to one mom who chose to forgo her flu shot.

Aubrey Opdyke didn't get her vaccine for the same reason most of us don't, because it really just didn't cross her mind as being necessary. But she wound up getting the flu while she was 27 weeks pregnant, which was so bad it put her in the hospital. She was put into a medically induced coma, and her baby was born premature -- and only lived for seven minutes.

OMG. SEVEN minutes was all she had with her little angel, and the tragedy probably could've been prevented if she'd had her flu shot.

And if I'd heard her story or something similar when I was pregnant with my son, I would have changed my mind and gotten my flu vaccine for sure. Like Aubrey, I too figured getting the shot was no big deal, so I didn't do it. I'd always heard that getting the flu was better than getting the shot because the shot can make you even sicker than the flu -- but I guess things in your body are different during a pregnancy. And I never really took that into consideration.

The warning put out by the WHO is definitely one all pregnant women should take seriously -- so call your doctor today to schedule that shot!

You can hear more about why you should get the flu shot in this video.


Have you had your flu shot yet?


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Sili M. Recio

I haven't had one yet and I didn't get one when I was pregnant. It was right around the swine flu scare as well. I was so confused as to all of the warnings and issues I was hearing about, I just didn't do it because you think it's just a cold. This is definitely eye opening.

the4m... the4mutts

I've had 4 kids, and had zero flu shots. Not durring or before pregnancy, not for me, not for my kids. Ever. Nobody that has had a flu shot is allowed in my house for 3-5 days after they've gotten it.

2 years ago, the kids next door got a shot for the swine flu. They played with my son and I in the front yard that day. 3 days later, my son and I had swine flu, and so did both the neighbor boys.

Sure, we survived. No big. Just some barfing. But we wouldn't have gotten it if we'd waited a few days to play with them, and saw they were sick.

ONE lady had a baby who died. I'm sorry for her loss. But you don't see THOUSANDS of babies in utero dying because mom got the flu. The flu isn't some death sentence. Stop fear mongering.

What is with all you writers lately? Every friggin one of you is taking some story, and using it to try and make people afraid to fart the wrong way. Shut up already.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

NO. I don't HAVE to do shit. Why don't you go look up the studies where it shows that the new flu vax (which BTW has the swine flue strain in them, but they don't tell you that because so many people were against it) SERIOUSLY increases the risk of a pregnant woman having a spontaneous miscarriage. No. I will not put that shit in my body. ESPECIALLY when I'm expecting. 

the4m... the4mutts

Good for you ruby_jewel.

I wish these sheeple would stop telling everyone else what is "best" for us.

nonmember avatar nicole

Im 35wks with my 3rd son, I have not gotten my flu shot and will not be getting one.. My two boys do not receive flu shots either the one time they did both ended up with the flu with in weeks.. I worked in a learning center for 4 years through both pregnancy I was exposed to many ailments and things were fine.. Even with a shot you still have the risk of becoming fatally ill, if you don't get the right treatment.

amiec... amiecanflie

I've never had the flu, never gotten a flu shot, was pressured to get a hep B vaccine while 29 weeks pregnant with my son and went into preterm labor within 24 hours. They stopped it but that definitely opened my eyes. 


fave82 fave82

I'm 31 wks pregnant and will not be getting the flu shot. I used to get them in college and frankly, I never saw much of a difference. .. Some years I still got the flu and some years I didn't, so what's the point??? I have a 2 year old, who does get vaccinated, and who did get her flu shot... and who also just got the flu.. so wtf?!?! I also didn't get the shot when I was pregnant with her, I got the flu, and lived to tell the tale!!!

SaphireH SaphireH

i didnt, they asked i said nope and they said alright. i got the dtap shot after my youngest was born and it was a benifit for him so thats why i got that since i was nursing him

nonmember avatar Gretta

I got a flu shot while pregnant. I did not miscarry. My baby was born at 40 weeks perfectly healthy.

Now both my husband and my other son did not get a flu shot in time and just had the flu. (Meant to get the shot, but never got around to it) So far neither me nor my precious infant have come down with it despite all being together. Praying that stays true.

If you are going to believe the naysayers, I also think you should give due consideration to what your doctor suggests and talk to them.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

I got the swine flu shot while I was pregnant with my son. I never got sick from it and he was a healthy newborn. I'm now pregnant with a daughter, but I don't think I'm going to get the flu shot this time around. I just take all of the precautions I can (washing my hands and my son's hands frequently, etc). Will that prevent me from getting the flu? No, but it's worth a shot (no pun intended).

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