10 Signs You're Suffering From Baby Fever

third baby
I totally need another one, right?
For the past four years, the topic of a third baby has drifted in and out of my husband's and my conversations more and more. We had our first two in rapid succession and quickly felt overwhelmed and terrified of the idea of a third.

Our first two pregnancies had been easy to achieve -- almost frighteningly so -- so we took intense measures to avoid a third pregnancy. Now I find myself at a crossroads. We talk about it constantly, both want another one, and yet don't want to go back all at the same time. It's an odd and awful limbo that causes me to break down in tears every time a friend announces a pregnancy or puts up a new baby photo. Should we? Shouldn't we? Who even knows. Am I grieving the child that will never be or depriving myself of a child I need to have? Or am I simply going insane.

With this in mind, here are 10 signs mama needs another baby, stat:


1.) You burst into tears at the sight of your Facebook feed and all it's birth and pregnancy announcements.

2.) You daydream about nursery colors instead of working, picking out all the wall decals and bedding in your mind.

3.) You buy baby outfits for friends and can't bear to send them because MAYBE you will have another one and MAYBE you will need that outfit and it will be out of stock. 

4.) The sound of a baby crying makes your boobs tingle even though you haven't lactated in more than two years. Actually, scratch that. The THOUGHT of a baby's cry makes your boobs tingle. Yep. It's true.

5.) You actually contemplate picking up a stray baby in the store and asking the mom how bad she REALLY wants her. It's a stray second of insanity, but enough to scare you.

6.) Your best friend has a baby and you still don't give her all the beautiful Hanna Andersson clothing in mint condition that no longer fits your big kids. You don't want it to get dirty! Just in case!

7.) You move hundreds of dollars worth of stray baby items to your new home even though you have no baby on the off-chance you might again. Someday.

8.) You have a million practical reasons not to have a baby and you still long for one.

9.) You daydream about baby names and feel like you will be lost if you don't get to name a baby after your great aunt Mildred who died with no children.

10.) You totally can't remember the sleep deprivation and think, It couldn't have been that bad, right?

Do you think about another or are you done? How do you know you're done?


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