Brother & Sister Have Babies on the Same Day in the Same Hospital Much to Grandma's Delight

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handsMandy Williams could not wait to become a grandmother, but she never really expected that she'd welcome both of her grandchildren on the same day!

But that's exactly what happened when her daughter and son both had babies in the very same maternity ward at the hospital, and pretty much went through the whole labor and delivery process at exactly the same time.

Little Mabli Elin Stokes and Hallie Rose Jones are reportedly doing well, and their grandma couldn't be happier or more proud.

And while Mandy was only able to be physically present for the birth of one of the babies due to the timing, she still says that having both grandbabies arrive on the same day was "amazing," and said the whole experience "felt like a real family occasion." (Man, I'll say!)

It must have been a regular party in the maternity ward that day, and while it was a joyous experience for Mandy, it had to be pretty special for her daughter and son too.

I am an only child, so I'll never really be able to relate to the bond that exists between siblings, but I imagine going through the birth of your children together is a pretty special thing. It's not every day that you welcome a daughter into the family and then go down the hall to meet your niece right after that!

Of course, there is the chance that one of the moms may have felt like her moment was stolen a bit, but I'm sure cradling her new baby in her arms was more than enough of a consolation prize.

The fact that these two little beauties arrived on the same day is awesome enough, but making the experience even more exciting is that they both went home from the hospital on the very same day as well. Judging from the way things have gone so far, it'll be a big shock if these two don't grow up as best friends who do everything together. As far as having a lot in common goes, they're off to a great start!

Do you think having a baby on the same day as your sibling would be special, or steal your thunder a little bit?


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LSeab... LSeabolt1982

Almost happened to my MIL. Her daughter had her baby on Feb 21 and my son born on Feb 23

nonmember avatar Melania

I gave a birth to my daughter on august 16, her step-sister, my husband's daughter from previous marriage, had her 10th birthday 3 days later on august 19. If it would happen on the same days step sisters would really hate to share birthdays! So, good thing mine was born 3 days earlier.

sassy... sassysuie

I think that would be very exciting!!

Sarah Douglas

How cool! I have cousins (sisters) that were born on the same day and they hate sharing a birthday.

lavyb... lavybunch

Happened to my mom. She had 3 grand babies born within 12 hours of each other. My brothers wife had an emergency c-section, his son was born at 11 something in the after noon. I went into labor just as she delivered her son. So my mom just stayed at the hospital waiting for me to get there. My daughter was born at 11:32 pm. And my sister had her son at 2 am the next morning. My daughter and my brothers son were born on a Sunday, it happened to be grandparents day.

April Callahan

Well i was happy me and my sister had our babies the same day we both was due in sept i will the 11th and she was the 4th and we both want in to labor on aug 19, 2004 she want to the hospital a couple hours before me but we ended up having our babies 8 min apart my mom was so ecited it was wonderful my sister had her daughter first at 3:01 pm and i had my daughter at 3:09pm my mom was running back and forth to both room she got to see the birth of both her grand daughters and our daughter are 8 years old and they are best friends really close to each other :-) and we celebrate there birthday togather every year.

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